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Our mission at Addressable is to empower Web3 marketers to effectively connect with their audience.

Through our innovative solution for associating blockchain and social media data, we enable marketers to acquire new users and reactivate existing ones, as well as providing valuable insights and measuring end-to-end campaign performance.

With Addressable, web3 marketers can finally have the toolbox they really need: explore the market, build audiences, launch effective campaigns and track their performance.

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Addressable has a world-class team of data experts on a mission to help web3 businesses grow.

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Tomer Sharoni
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A Web3 enthusiast, Jazz pianist, Talpiot alum with more than 20 years of experience in leadership of the most innovative data-driven organizations. Most recently Tomer was the VP of Product at Salt Security, securing billions of APIs every day and working with some of the biggest crypto and financial companies in the world. Prior to that Tomer led the product group in the prestigious tech directorate of the Israeli Government, leading 3 of the group’s projects to win the Israeli Defense Prize for ground-breaking technology that saved many lives.

Tomer holds a B.Sc. in Physics, Math and Computer Science from the Hebrew University and an M.P.A from Harvard University.

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Tomer Shlomo
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Excited about scale, efficiency and big data, with over 14 years of experience as a CTO, Head of Research and Engineering, Tomer built data applications in large organizations including Synamedia, Akamai Technologies, Israel’s prime minister office and At-Bay. In his previous roles, Tomer led Product and R&D groups of 50 engineers responsible for top grossing business lines.

Tomer holds a B.Sc. in EE from Technion and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University.

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Dr. Asaf Nadler
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Passionate about data analytics and blockchain technology, especially when combined. Asaf has 17 years of experience in data analytics from 8200 and Akamai Technologies, where he was the director of data science.

Asaf holds a PhD in software engineering focusing on big data analytics, AI and blockchain with over 10 publications and 250+ citations.

Core Team

Illustration of Cris Boiko
Cris Boiko
Head of HR
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Illustration of Amir Goldman
Amir Goldman
Senior Engineer
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Illustration of Sonya Copperstein
Sonya Copperstein
Senior Data Analyst
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Illustration of Eran Goldstein
Eran Goldstein
Senior Data Scientist
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Illustration of Yaniv Kaplan
Yaniv Kaplan
Senior Engineer
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Illustration of Alon Goldberg
Alon Goldberg
Senior Researcher
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Lev Poylisher Avatar
Lev Poylisher
Head of Operations
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Illustration of Gal Yalon
Gal Yalon
Head of Marketing
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Illustration of Ori Ben Melech
Ori Ben Melech
Data Analyst
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Illustration of Keith Hutchison
Keith Hutchison
Business Development Director
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Illustration of Tal Knopf
Tal Knopf
Senior DevOps Engineer
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Illustration of Shai Bermanis
Shai Bermanis
Senior Product Manager
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Illustration of Lee Brisco
Lee Brisco
Senior Programmatic Lead
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Illustration of Omer Lotem
Omer Lotem
Software Engineer
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Illustration of Andreas Garcia-Pretel
Andres Garcia-Pretel
EMEA Customer Success Director
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Illustration of Eyal Engel
Eyal Engel
Software Engineer
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Avatar of Asher Lahav
Asher Lahav
Software Engineer
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Ran Bar-Haim's Avatar
Ran Bar Haim
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Shamir Ozery
Shamir Ozery
Head of Ecosystem
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Ali Adnan's Avatar
Ali Adnan
Senior Marketing Manager
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Image of Roni Artzi
Roni Artzi
Principal Marketing Designer
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Eyal Milstein
Eyal Milstein
Senior Sales Manager
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Gil Nitzan
Gil Nitzan
Senior Backend Engineer
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Illustration of Pini the Pooch
Pini the Pooch
Chief Dog Officer

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