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Super targeted user acquisition using on-chain data and AI
Leverage data-driven Web2 and Web3 insights to

The most effective web3 user acquisition in 3 simple steps

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Plan your growth

Understand any audience and gain comprehensive insights by integrating on-chain and social data.
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Target your dream audience

Select on-chain users of any contract
Select off-chain members of any community
Launch targeted ad campaigns
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Measure your success

Full Web2 to Web3 attribution that leads to data-driven marketing decision-making. Trace audiences' journey from an initial engagement, such as a Tweet or a Discord message, right through their on-chain interactions, including actions like NFT purchases, DEX swaps, or in-game transactions.

Why Addressable?

AI-based campaign optimization

Daily optimization of audience segments to improve on-chain conversions


Target across social media, and +400k websites and mobile applications

Contextual and audience data

Target Web3 users ANYWHERE   

On-chain, cross-device attribution

Measure campaign performance accurately across devices and chains 

Easy installation

1-Click Google Tag Installation Approved by Google, No Devs Needed

Pre-bid ad fraud protection

Using IAS & DoubleVerify

Success Stories

"Addressable gave us a game-changing perspective on our channels. The crystal-clear attribution enabled us to understand the impact of each channel on the number of connected wallets and down-funnel events, like strategy creations, trades as well as liquidity per channel. Addressable has undeniably transformed the way we strategize our content, channels and product."
Nate Hindman - Head of Growth @ Bancor

Nate Hindman

Head of Growth @ Bancor

“As a Web3 accelerator, we needed to reach a very specific group - founders and entrepreneurs in the space who were actively involved in building and creating new ventures on-chain,” says Louis Dharma, Head of Hansa Accelerator. “Addressable provided us with the opportunity to target stakeholders and decision-makers who are our most-valued partners. Identifying these specific people and reaching them in the places where our message was most likely to resonate with them was our ultimate goal, and Addressable's platform offered a way for us to do exactly that.”
Louis Dharma Photo

Louis Dharma

Head of Accelerator @ Hansa

"Addressable’s solution for Web3 attribution and targeting is a true game changer, and the team is exceptional."
Leon Stern - Director of Growth & Digital@ Polygon

Leon Stern

Director of Growth & Digital @ Polygon

"The team has been excellent, they give top tier service, replying within hours and even going above and beyond to make sure we can go live in short time frames."
Emili Lai - VP Marketing @ Hype

Emily Lai

VP Marketing @ Hype

Using Addressable feels like harnessing the power of Etherscan, Nansen, and Crypto Twitter all at once. I’ve slashed my research time by 90% when diving into NFTs and gaming projects, all thanks to their platform. The ability to instantly gain insights about on-chain and social activity, which are always up-to-date, is unmatched. Furthermore, their seamless integration with Twitter ads and their superior, user-friendly interface sets them apart in the industry.”
Nathan Benish

Nathan Benish

Product Lead @ MatchboxDAO

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