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What does Addressable do?

In one sentence: we do the previously impossible - solving the biggest challenge of Web3 marketing by pairing anonymous blockchain audiences with their real-life social media accounts.

Addressable offers an innovative SaaS platform that provides Web3 marketers with a powerful tool for communicating messages to their audiences. Our solution is the only one on the market that empowers Web3 marketers with specifically defined targeting for new user acquisition and reactivating existing clients and contacts.

Because of the inherent anonymity of crypto wallets and blockchain activity, understanding an audience’s age, country, or purchasing history is practically impossible for Web3 marketers, making targeting the biggest challenge addressing the community today. Addressable’s platform means that a Web3 marketer can promote a new Web3 product off-chain, acquiring new users at scale.

How does Addressable match blockchain audiences with their social profiles?

The magic is created by leveraging machine learning and our teams’ combined decades of experience in big data analysis. Addressable finds relationships between blockchain (anonymous wallets) and social media accounts, offering a revolutionary engine for Web3 marketers to effectively target Web3 users. 

We provide our clients with an actionable target audience that’s optimized for token purchases and behaviors within the blockchain, and is uploaded automatically to the client’s social channel for immediate use.

Why did you create Addressable?


  1. The cost of customer acquisition is higher than ever
  2. Tracking KPIs and success rates in Web3 is nearly impossible due to the anonymized nature of blockchain
  3. The logistical challenges around defining and reaching blockchain audiences

We witnessed the need for a solution that provides Web3 marketers with effective tools to succeed in Web3 marketing.

Addressable’s solution creates a pathway for smart, targeted outreach, so Web3 marketers no longer need to fly blind and waste resources, funding, assets, and manpower hours on unsophisticated campaigns that are difficult to track.

With Addressable, Web3 marketers can reduce return on ad spend (ROAS) by targeting audiences that are more likely to buy, based on their profiles and behavior. This allows marketers to scale their user acquisition efforts with less marketing dollars spent, boosting efficacy and ROI. 

Marketers also get a full view of the conversion rate from both social media and the blockchain, along with big-picture market insights regarding their audiences. Our solution, which provides an innovative workaround specifically dealing with the inherent anonymity found in Web3, empowers marketers with the data and information they need to plan better moving forward.

What are the main use cases for Addressable?

For Web3 Marketers, the following are the primary ways they use our platform:

  • Tracking conversions end-to-end, from social media campaigns to on-chain purchases
  • Acquiring new users with attractive CPA to grow scalably
  • Conducting market research on anonymous on-chain audiences
  • Attracting quality followers to your brand and social media accounts
  • Identify which campaigns are driving the most conversions and optimize your marketing spend.
  • Learn which campaigns are driving the most revenue and customer lifetime value (LTV) on-chain.
  • Target Users Based on Their On-Chain and Off-Chain Activity
  • Retarget users who didn’t convert
  • Evaluate Your Performance Against Your Competitors
  • Get To Know Your Followers (Who are your followers? What are they doing on-chain? What tokens and NFTs are they holding?)
  • Understand your converted users (Your Purchasers - based on On-Chain events)
  • Create a lookalike audience of any common baseline
What does the on-boarding process look like?

Addressable is proud to offer a super streamlined, intuitive onboarding process. To build an audience and explore their social and blockchain statuses, there’s no onboarding at all. Simply create a username, password, and you’re ready to explore our world of wonder. 

For Web3 marketers looking to run promoted Tweets, you’ll need to authenticate Addressable within the Twitter Ads Manager. That authentication provides Addressable with the permissions we need in order to create the audiences you’ll target within your Twitter ad campaigns.

What audiences can I track and engage with using Addressable?

Within Addressable’s intuitive, easy-to-use platform, you’ll create the audience profiles you’re seeking to analyze and target with advertisement. Building this audience is similar to that in a standard ad interface that’s familiar to marketers, typically taking between 1 and 5 clicks. 

Examples of audiences include:

  1. Users that bought our launched token, who might be reactivated by seeing ads.
  2. Gamers who play on-chain games, and spent money on games within the last three months, who might be interested in new promoted games.
  3. Traders performing at least 100 transactions within the previous month, who might be interested in new promoted wallets or DeFi solutions.
  4. Collectors of top NFT collections, who might be interested in NFT liquidation.
How should I segment my audiences?

Segmenting audiences helps marketers compare, contrast, and track different groups in order to garner insights around the success of current campaigns and to develop smarter strategies for future outreach. 

Common segments include:

  1. Token holders since the beginning of time.
  2. Token holders who bought the token recently (e.g., in the last 30 days).
  3. Token holders who also hold tokens minted by competitors.
How can I measure my campaign’s impact?

Addressable integrates seamlessly with your existing technology stack, providing a bridge between your traditional Web2 attribution and on-chain events. Capture the complete conversion funnel journey, starting from the initiation of a Web2 marketing campaign, through the user’s interaction with the website or DApp, and completing with a Web3 on-chain event.

Knowing who your high-value users are, and where they are coming from, is key to refining your marketing strategy. Addressable helps you understand what marketing channels bring in the Whales and high LTV users. We also illuminate on the people who connected their wallets but didn't convert, so you can tailor your messages to their interests and segments.

Incorporate Addressable attribution solution into your Website, DApp, and Social media accounts to capture the full spectrum of user engagement. Addressable includes integrations with Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, Twitter Pixel, and Google Tag Manager among others. You can also integrate Addressable into your platform using our user-friendly SDK (powered by Spindl).

What blockchains are currently supported by Addressable?

For targeting purposes, we support outreach to users on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche and Base. If you’re unable to find a specific group of users, please let us know.

For tracking performance, only audiences on the Ethereum blockchain are monitored. We’re planning to include performance tracking for the Polygon and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in the future as well.

What advertising platforms are currently supported by Addressable?

We're not just about reaching out; we're about reaching right.

With Addressable, businesses can seamlessly run campaigns across diverse platforms, including Twitter and programmatic display networks, targeting exclusively Web3 users.

What about privacy and compliance?

Addressable is GDPR compliant and respectful of user privacy. We collect anonymous web3 wallet data and pair that with hashed social network IDs, meaning that no personal information is being stored directly in our databases. 

To add another layer of privacy, data cannot be exported from our platform, except for when it is uploaded directly into a social media account as an audience. That audience cannot be viewed as individual data points. Users who aren’t interested in being targeted for ads can always opt-out via the social platform settings. 

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