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Hansa is a leading accelerator for early stage Web3 start-ups. Investing in and incubating promising Web3 ventures since 2017, Hansa is a trusted partner of many prominent companies and projects in the space. 

The challenge: Reach Web3 entrepreneurs and founders building new ventures on-chain

Identifying Web3 projects and ventures that are an excellent fit for Hansa’s accelerator is a major part of the company’s growth and continued success. Hansa engaged in numerous campaigns aimed at raising awareness around their brand, but the company wanted to tailor their outreach towards their ideal audience, which consists of founders, entrepreneurs, and developers.

Hansa was searching for a way to reach decision-makers in the Web3 space, specifically people with fledgling projects already engaged in initial building on-chain, who were open to partnering with an incubator. The accelerator works with founders and projects from countries all over the world. 

Following insights from Addressable regarding the locations of entrepreneurs and ventures most likely to convert, Hansa was particularly interested in reaching those based in the USA, India, Portugal, The Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Malta, Brazil, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and Japan.

Attracting people who were actively involved in new on-chain ventures was key, and Hansa needed a strategy to appeal to them during a critical point in their projects’ development, with the goal being for these users to complete a registration form on Hansa’s site.

There were two major challenges facing Hansa in reaching their ideal users; first, only a small number of Web3 entrepreneurs were following Hansa on Twitter and would therefore be exposed to their messaging in an organic format. 

The second hurdle was that there are no existing ad platforms that support exclusive, direct targeting of Web3 founders. Hansa’s only option was to target anyone who shows interest in web3, which is a group 1000 times larger than Hansa actually wanted to reach. This need to cast a super-wide net means that CPC/CPA is incredibly more expensive than direct, target outreach.

Solution: Addressable’s on-chain intelligence and real-time campaign optimization for a super-efficient funnel

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Addressable’s deep insights and intelligence into on-chain user activity give Web3 marketers the ability to identify and reach out to their ideal customers - those with proven intent who are most likely to convert. 

The platform’s AI-powered proprietary technology gives marketers the ability to easily find their ideal users, along with the best places in which to target them. That means that campaigns can be precisely focused on specific segments, instead of a general audience, making them far more effective and strengthening conversions.

“As a Web3 accelerator, we needed to reach a very specific group - founders and entrepreneurs in the space who were actively involved in building and creating new ventures on-chain,” says Louis Dharma, Head of Hansa Accelerator. “Addressable provided us with the opportunity to target stakeholders and decision-makers who are our most-valued partners. Identifying these specific people and reaching them in the places where our message was most likely to resonate with them was our ultimate goal, and Addressable's platform offered a way for us to do exactly that.”
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Louis Dharma

Head of Accelerator @ Hansa

From the start, Addressable provided Hansa with a clear idea of who they should be targeting, as well as exactly where it would be most promising to approach them. 

The platform’s super-accurate targeting hones in Hansa’s perfect users, exactly in the spaces where they hang out. This gave Hansa the opportunity to spend their critical marketing budget and manpower hours on a campaign that was far more likely to generate real, meaningful results.

Addressable’s Smart Audience Builder, which leverages diverse data points regarding users, their activity on-chain, and their potential value for a business, created a detailed Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP) for Hansa. 

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The company aimed to cultivate an audience of individuals actively engaged in the development of Web3 projects. To achieve this, Addressable targeted Web3 founders and entrepreneurs, and later expanded outreach to include developers who have deployed smart contracts on the blockchain. 

The deployment of a smart contract served as a powerful indicator of their active involvement in building a Web3 project, and these developers were likely to be the builders who’d determine that Hansa’s accelerator was the perfect place for them.

Hansa then launched two Addressable-powered campaigns targeting both of these groups, leveraging on-chain intelligence to reach out to these Web3 founders and developers. 

Addressable’s platform utilized automated real-time optimization to drive up follower count, brand awareness, and traffic to registration forms for the accelerator on Hansa’s site.

These registration forms serve as a critical step for Hansa to secure leads and win new partners, and the Addressable campaign acted as a super-efficient funnel for driving Hansa’s ideal users to their site.

Results: 51.8% more conversions per dollar spent, Cost-Per-Click slashed by 86%

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Hansa’s Addressable-powered campaign resulted in a huge uptick in completed registration forms from viable, ideal candidates for the accelerator. 

At the conclusion of the campaign, Hansa found that their campaign with Addressable brought in 51.8% more forms per dollar spent when compared to outreach conducted with an Addressable Competitor. Cost per form when using Addressable amounted to 15.53 AUD (Australian Dollar) in contrast to the 23.59 AUD incurred with the non-Addressable campaign.

Addressable’s focused outreach meant that Hansa’s ideal users were contacted, and those leads were of far superior quality than those obtained via general outreach.

Cost-Per-Click was reduced by 86% compared to the non-Addressable campaign, meaning that Hansa secured solid leads at a fraction of the price.

Addressable helped Hansa execute a highly-targeted campaign directly to their most promising accelerator candidates, delivering registration forms from high-value potential partners. 

The campaign secured registrations from Web3 shotcallers and innovators - exactly the users that Hansa looked to reach - and provided a critical foot in the door for companies to convert these promising, engaged leads into future participants in their accelerator.

By reducing cost-per-click by 86%, Addressable helped Hansa utilize their marketing resources in the most cost-efficient way possible. 

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