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MatchboxDAO is a DAO ecosystem designed to ignite and fuel fully on-chain games.


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Leveraged in-depth analytics that seamlessly combined blockchain and social data for a holistic evaluation of projects.

Reduced research time by a

Using Addressable feels like harnessing the power of Etherscan, Nansen, and Crypto Twitter all at once. I’ve slashed my research time by 90% when diving into NFTs and gaming projects, all thanks to their platform. The ability to instantly gain insights about on-chain and social activity, which are always up-to-date, is unmatched. Furthermore, their seamless integration with Twitter ads and their superior, user-friendly interface sets them apart in the industry.”
Nathan Benish

Nathan Benish

Product Lead @ MatchboxDAO


As an organization focused on developers, MatchboxDAO is hosting significant competitions for development teams in the Web3 ecosystem. The goal is to pinpoint and engage with projects that demonstrate the strongest on-chain and social momentum.


To effectively tackle the challenge, streamlining the data analysis process is paramount for MatchboxDAO. While old-fashioned manual research is labor-intensive and error-prone, delving into on-chain data, NFTs, gaming projects, and more can lead to a significant reduction in research time. Furthermore, integrating on-chain metrics with social sentiment data provides a comprehensive view of a project's potential.


Significant Time Savings: Utilizing comprehensive analytics through Addressable, MatchboxDAO significantly cut its research time by an impressive 90%.
Holistic Project Analysis: By leveraging both on-chain metrics and social sentiment data, Matchbox DAO holistically evaluate the traction and potential of different projects, enabling them to make informed decisions on which projects to engage with.
Improved Outreach: The seamless Twitter ads integration allowed MatchboxDAO to actively reach out to projects that showed promise, enhancing their brand visibility and positioning within the Web3 ecosystem.

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