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The challenge: Maximize sales during pre-sale NFT outreach before public launch

Ahead of the launch of their newest NFT collection, Party Icon embarked on a white-list / pre-sale registration campaign to offer blockchain users an early opportunity to purchase NFTs from the collection, before it was available to the general public.

Hype Partners, the Web3 super agency, was searching for a solution for Party Icon that would enable them to boost their website traffic in order to increase white-list and pre-sale registrations, as well as engage in hyper-specific direct targeting towards users who were more likely to convert.

They needed a way to reach the audiences with whom their NFT collection would most likely resonate. Party Icon wanted to maximize conversions while ensuring that the Cost-Per-Acquisition and Web3 marketing resources were as cost-effective as possible.

Solution: Addressable’s deep audience insights for hyper-specific targeting and quality impressions that generate sales

Case Study Meta Icon Illustration
"We are now able to create a personalized message for each segment of our target audience and launch a super-effective campaign aimed exclusively at Web3 users. There was no other way we could do this before Addressable."
Emili Lai - VP Marketing @ Hype

Emily Lai

VP Marketing @ Hype

Addressable is the only company in the Web3 space providing a unique, data-driven solution that empowers Web3 marketers with the ability to identify and target audiences with proven on-chain intent, as well as monitor and analyze the success of their campaigns in real-time.

Party Icon’s campaign offered users the opportunity to pre-register to buy NFTs from their latest collection, and was conducted simultaneously with a more generalized campaign that did not use Addressable.

Leveraging Addressable’s industry-leading solution, Hype Partners built an audience of highly engaged NFT collectors, specifically those interacting with the Top 100 NFT Profile Pictures projects on Ethereum.

Based on this custom audience, which included insights garnered from Web2 classifications and analysis performed within Addressable’s platform, Party Icon engaged in hyper-specific targeting. 

The Addressable pre-launch campaign was custom-tailored to reach Party Icon’s target audiences and directed towards the users who were most likely to convert, based on their on-chain activity and social activity. 

Results: Conversions and time on site increased by 3x, Cost-Per-Acquisition slashed by 4x

Case Study Meta Icon Illustration

Party Icon’s Addressable-powered campaign resulted in a huge spike in conversions. At the conclusion of the campaign, Party Icon discovered that its campaign with Addressable resulted in 3 times as many conversions as its non-Addressable outreach. 

It was clear that Addressable’s precise outreach targeted engaged users with serious intent, who were far more likely to convert to sales. 

What's noteworthy is that, even though the Addressable campaign had a higher CPM ($2.14 vs. $1.06) and CPC ($0.86 vs. $0.21), it targeted the audience of relevant users with high LTV potential. As a result, the Addressable campaign significantly outperformed the Non-Addressable campaign, reducing the CPA fourfold—from $84.01 to $20.60. This underscores the fact that a more expensive click can yield a value that's four times greater, emphasizing the paramount importance of focusing on ROI.

Additionally, time on site was 3 times higher for Addressable audiences, as opposed to the non-Addressable users.

Addressable helped Party Icon launch a successful, data-driven campaign that secured high conversion rates and powerful results, while ensuring that their Web3 marketing spend was used as intelligently as possible.

The numbers speak for themselves: by tripling the rate of conversions and amount of time on site, coupled with a dramatic decrease in CPA, Addressable brought critical value to Party Icon. 

In Web3 marketing, campaigns that drive sales and engagement are often the key factor for a project’s survival or demise. Addressable’s platform empowered Party Icon’s marketing team with the data-driven insights they needed to run a powerful, robust campaign and generate success when it mattered most.

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