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Get To Know Your Followers

Who are your followers?

Understand their demographics, preferences and behaviors to optimize your content and engagement strategies.

What are they doing on-chain?

Uncover the range of on-chain activities your followers engage in. Are they involved in NFT trading or liquidity provisioning? Are they participating in blockchain games, or are they actively trading tokens?

What tokens and NFTs are they holding?

Investigate the variety of tokens and NFTs your followers own, to expand your knowledge about their purchasing habits to better understand their fields of interests.

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Discover Your Dream Audience

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Which Chains are They Most Active On?

Uncover valuable insights about your audience's preferred blockchains and protocols. Understand where they are most active.

What's Trending On-Chain?

Stay ahead of the curve by discovering which tokens your audience is actively buying or selling right now. Identify emerging trends and capitalize on them.

What's Trending Off-Chain?

Discover the accounts your audience is following and engaging with on social media.

Balance Distribution

Understand the distribution of balances within your dream audience. Get a clear picture of their crypto holdings.

Top Influencers for the Audience:

Discover the influencers whose opinion matters to  your dream audience. Partnering with these influencers can amplify your reach and establish credibility.

Top Businesses the Audience Follows:

Identify the key businesses and brands that your dream audience follows. Leverage your knowledge to forge strategic partnerships and expand your network.

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Evaluate Your Performance Against Your Competitors

Competitors Report

Analyze the followers of your competitors to identify potential opportunities and improve your market positioning. Stay ahead of the competition.

Business Metrics Comparison

Measure your user base growth in comparison to your competitors. Evaluate active users, new user acquisition rates, average transaction volume, purchase frequency, and user retention to gain insights that’ll enable you to optimize your performance.

Quality of Your Followers versus Competitors

Assess the level of engagement your followers have with your brand by comparing the number of quality users you have in relation to your competitors. Monitor your social media growth over time in comparison to your competitors to gauge success.

Effectively engage and connect with your dream audience

Target Your Dream Audience Effectively

Utilize the most effective marketing channels to reach your dream audience. With Addressable, you can precisely target your audience by creating custom cohorts, based on insights, for more focused campaigns.

Refine Your Messaging

Tailor your paid and organic campaigns’ messaging to match the preferences of your dream audience. By understanding their interests and behaviors, you can optimize your marketing strategy.

Discover the best Business Partners for your goals

Select the most effective business partners based on the data-driven insights we offer. Build mutually beneficial relationships that will help you achieve your marketing goals.

Analyze Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs)

Understand the individuals who shape the narrative of your business, followers, and desired users. Identify the best influencers to champion your brand and amplify your message.

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