The Ultimate Web2 to Web3 Attribution

Bring the power of actionable intelligence to your project. Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing technology stack, providing a bridge between your traditional Web2 attribution and on-chain events.

Knowing who your high-value users are, and where they are coming from, is key to refining your marketing strategy. Addressable helps you understand what marketing channels bring in the Whales and high LTV users. We also illuminate on the people who connected their wallets but didn't convert, so you can tailor your messages to their interests and segments.

With Addressable, you can put a spotlight on your marketing efforts with a full cycle attribution insights. Support every decision with concrete data, and take your Web3 project to the next level.

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Make the right campaign decisions by measuring the full conversion cycle

Incorporate our attribution solution into your Website, DApp, and Social media accounts to capture the full spectrum of user engagement. Our offering includes integrations with Google Analytics, Meta Pixel, Twitter Pixel, and Google Tag Manager among others. You can also integrate Addressable into your platform using our user-friendly SDK.

Capture the complete conversion funnel journey, starting from the initiation of a Web2 marketing campaign, through the user’s interaction with the website or DApp, and completing with a Web3 on-chain event.

Attribution dashboard

Make intelligent, data-driven based decisions by leveraging actual campaign results, revenue, engagement, or any desired objective

Attribution dashboard

Increase your ROAS by finding out which campaign:

Is driving most of the traffic to your application or website?
Is the most effective over time?
Attracts the majority of purchasers
Attracts the best LTV users

Deeply understand your converted users (Your Purchasers - based on On-Chain events)

Who are your top LTV users?
What categories do they belong to?
What is their purchasing power?
What are they doing elsewhere on/off chain?
Which audiences include your users?
What is their engagement with your competitors? (e.g - open DeFi positions, NFT they mint/sell/buy, assets they’re holding)
Which chains are they active on?
What countries are they from?

Retarget users who didn't convert

Create a new audience based on the wallets that were connected to your DApp but didn't convert
Tailor your messaging to this engaged audience
Deploy a retargeting campaign with 2 clicks

Create a lookalike audience of any common baseline, whether they:

Your Web3 brand depends on effective marketing

Get the best return for your marketing campaigns

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