Target Users Based on Their On-Chain and Off-Chain Activity

Addressable: a revolutionary platform designed to target users based on their on-chain and off-chain activity. With Addressable, you can focus your attention on people who are already engaged in the crypto world - those who are buying NFTs, playing Web3 games, trading on DEXs and more.

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Build Audiences Like Never Before - Advanced Filtering for Optimal Targeting

Understanding your audience is the key to successful advertising, and that's why we're giving you the power to customize your audience based on precise criteria. Build audiences based on:

On-chain Activities and Holdings

Cater your content to audiences based on the tokens they own or the communities they're a part of. Are they NFT owners? Do they participate in a specific DeFi community? Get nuanced with your targeting.

Demographics and Social Activity

Craft your campaigns based on user demographics: their location, age, and social footprint. This includes who they follow and which businesses pique their interest.

Users who Engage with your Content or Smart Contract

Focus on users who have interacted with your social media content, website, or smart contracts. Capitalize on their demonstrated interest.

Your Competitors’ engaged users

Reach out to users who engage with your competitors - be it their social media followers or those using their smart contracts.

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Narrow your targeting down to the micro-detail, allowing truly personalized campaigns.

Advanced Filtering for Optimal Targeting

Easily narrow down your target audience based on their activity, balance, locations, chains, or tokens. Find your ideal customer with the help of our filtering feature. This way, every cent is spent on reaching the most relevant users.

Redefine Retargeting

Retargeting has never been so easy and effective. Addressable enables you to target users based on their attribution cohort. Whether they're potential users or active purchasers, our retargeting feature allows you to refine your campaigns and reach your audience again with a new compelling message.

More than just Targeting, It's Addressable Advertising

We don't only help you identify your perfect audience; we empower you to create resonant, high-impact campaigns. By harmonizing organic and paid strategies, Addressable elevates your marketing initiatives to unprecedented heights. We provide you the chance to directly reach out to those who truly matter, through effectively curated paid campaigns.

Moreover, we recognize the importance of an omni-channel approach. With Addressable, your project gets exposure across an expansive range of platforms: from Twitter and Instagram to Programmatic Display, TikTok, Reddit, and beyond. Your message doesn't just meet your audience - it follows them, seamlessly, into the most relevant mediums for your dream audience.

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Our dashboard for both Web2 and Web3 marketing efforts provides you with a single source of truth for attribution across both mediums. You can now track the performance of your marketing campaigns across both Web2 and Web3, giving you a holistic, big picture overview of your outreach’s success and efficacy. By doing so, you will be able to:

Identify which campaigns are driving the most conversions and optimize your marketing spend.

Learn which campaigns are driving the most revenue and customer lifetime value (LTV) on-chain.

Quickly spot which segments are converting better than others for your current product offering, and gain the ability to double down on your outreach or retarget elsewhere.

Manage your marketing budget much more effectively. Understand where to increase spend on aspects that are working, and when to eliminate channels that aren’t delivering a valuable outcome.

Your Web3 brand depends on effective marketing

Get the best return for your marketing campaigns

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