May 8, 2024
Amplify Your Web3 Impact with Addressable's Exclusive Partner Program
Shamir Ozery
Head of Ecosystem
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Web3 Growth Partner Program

For over a year, the team at Addressable has been laser focused on one thing - providing the best growth tools for Web3.

And it’s been a game changer — our customers are seeing some serious returns. Take Lingo, for example, who cut their Cost-Per-Click (CPC) by 55%, or Polkadot, that reduced CPC and CPE by 20% while boosting on-brand narrative awareness. These aren’t just numbers; they’re proof that Addressable really hits the mark. It works, plain and simple.

To our delight, many of our new customers have been referred by other satisfied customers and partners who have experienced and benefited from our product.

Addressable’s Ecosystem Starts with our Partners

Hello! I'm Shamir, the new Head of Ecosystem at Addressable. I'm thrilled to be part of a team that's as passionate about Web3 growth as I am. Over nearly a decade, I've immersed myself in the marketing field, teaching Entrepreneurial Marketing at the University of Michigan and Digital Marketing at Northeastern University.

My journey through organizing Bitcoin and blockchain events, consulting, and spearheading Web3 initiatives at Algorand Foundation has deepened my commitment to this vibrant community.

At Addressable, we're not just growing; we're accelerating—thanks to a dynamic network of customers, partners, and thought leaders who drive us forward. We're grateful for the trust our community shows through referrals—it's a true testament to the value we bring.

To show our appreciation and deepen our ties, we're excited to roll out the Addressable Partner Program. It’s our way of saying thank you and boosting the collective success of the Web3 ecosystem we all cherish.

Addressable Partner Program - How it Works

The onboarding process

Addressable is in hyper-growth mode - this is an opportunity to offer our closest Partners to join us and get rewarded as we scale.

It’s super simple - once approved as a Partner, you’ll be eligible to offer your referrals exclusive discounts while earning commissions from the revenue they generate.

Of course, we still expect the #1 reason Partners in our network send their acquaintances our way is because Addressable solves some very real challenges for Web3 companies looking to turbocharge their growth. Our Partner Program is a way for us to incentivise and reward our advocates. 

Partner Program → Ecosystem

The Addressable Partner Program is also our first step towards us building a thriving Ecosystem; We envision a future where Addressable is much more than a “Growth Suite” but rather a Hub for everything Web3 Growth related - a knowledge base, a partner, a community, a network of marketers, agencies, influencers, VC’s and more… working together on growing Web3 through knowledge sharing, co-marketing opportunities and synergies. 

In other words - individuals and companies joining our Partner Program are signing up to something much larger than a referral program. They are joining a growing ecosystem of KOL’s, influencers and growth experts in the Web3 space. 

Partner Program Perks include:

  • Exclusive Addressable discounts to share
  • Revenue share from successful referrals
  • Private CMO Mastermind group chat (stay tuned)
  • The latest Web3 Growth trends and resources
  • Private (digital & IRL) events
  • Swag and additional perks

Interested? Let’s talk:

You can learn more about our Partner Program here

And as a first step - book a call with our head of ecosystem Shamir Ozery here

Looking forward to growing Web3 together! 

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