December 21, 2023
Today marks a significant milestone for Addressable as we announce the securing of $13.5M in total funding, and welcome BITKRAFT Ventures and strategic investor Karatage onboard.
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We are very excited to announce and celebrate our new fundraise. This achievement underscores Addressable's important role in reshaping the Web3 marketing landscape and further establishes our position as a key innovator in the blockchain industry. The substantial support allows us to accelerate our efforts, provide innovative solutions in digital marketing, and drive Web3 adoption worldwide.

A Year of Expansion

Since early 2023, we've rapidly built our customer base, with over 50 businesses, including games, financial apps, exchanges and infrastructure companies in the Web3 space, executing and measuring 750+ campaigns. These numbers reflect the trust our clients place in our capabilities. 

Our team has expanded to 24 talented individuals across global hubs - Tel Aviv, Madrid, New York, and London. 

The Inaugural Comprehensive Web3 Growth Suite

Since our previous funding round, we have achieved multiple milestones. By expanding our ad network integrations, marketers can now reach Web3 audiences from 7 supported blockchains on over 400,000 websites and mobile applications. Furthermore, our recently introduced 1-Click SDK Installation, approved by Google, simplifies website conversion and blockchain tracking for marketers, across seven blockchains, without requiring developer effort.

These advancements firmly establish Addressable as the inaugural comprehensive Web3 growth suite, providing marketers with effortless reach to Web3 audiences wherever they engage, on social platforms, websites, and mobile apps, with precise conversion tracking.

Fueling the Future of Web3 Growth

With the new investment, our commitment to the future is evident as our Web3 Growth Suite undergoes significant expansion, ensuring that marketers will efficiently drive and measure user base growth at scale. We pledge to integrate new ad networks, including Reddit, and support additional blockchains to guarantee precise performance in growth campaigns. The recently introduced Google-approved 1-Click SDK Installation is a testament to our promise, ensuring the effortless tracking of conversions across both web and mobile.

BITKRAFT Ventures: A Strategic Alliance

The involvement of BITKRAFT Ventures, a renowned VC in the gaming and web3 industry, marks a pivotal moment in our story. Recognizing the potential of our marketing suite in the Web3 gaming landscape, BITKRAFT has not only invested in Addressable financially but has also given us a wonderful tailwind as we share a mutual vision of how to reshape the future of digital engagement for any business.

This latest investment, coupled with our rapid global expansion, fills us with gratitude and fuels our anticipation for what lies ahead. We are more motivated than ever to lead the charge in the Web3 marketing space.

We would like to thank BITKRAFT and Karatage for stepping forward and taking a central part in our story. We're excited to continue this journey together, breaking new ground and setting new standards in the world of Web3 marketing.

Cheers to future successes and innovations,
The Addressable Team 🚀

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