October 31, 2023
Addressable proudly joined forces with CryptoAidIsrael, leveraging our specialized expertise in analytical insights and campaign optimization.
Dr. Asaf Nadler
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Cripto Aid Israel

The tragic events in Israel on October 7th profoundly affected the Addressable family on both personal and communal levels. As an Israeli startup, with majority of our employees based in Israel, our team has united in the face of shared fear, trauma, and uncertainty. Throughout this ordeal, we've been deeply grateful for the support and kind words from our clients and partners.

Moreover, we felt honored and were eager to partner with CryptoAidIsrael, an Israeli Web3 community initiative aimed at providing direct relief to victims. During these challenging times of national sorrow, it's essential for businesses to transform into supportive families. We hope to emerge from this stronger and more united than ever – as a company, society, and nation.

Web3 World Unites to Facilitate Crypto-based Aid

In light of the horrific terror attack where over 1,400 Israelis were killed and more than 235 kidnapped due to Hamas attacks on Israel, the crypto eco-system has rallied together in support. Leading names such as Fireblocks and MarketAcross have spearheaded the CryptoAidIsrael (CAI) initiative. This is a coalition of 20 leading Israeli Web3 companies aiming to extend essential humanitarian assistance.

At Addressable, we've proudly joined forces with the CAI, leveraging our specialized expertise in analytical insights and campaign optimization. Our distinct skills assist CAI in answering crucial analytical questions:

  1. Donors Profile Analysis: Who are the main contributors to the CAI fund? With a deeper understanding of the donor profile, CAI can tailor its promotional efforts to resonate more closely with these supporters, maximizing their contributions.
  2. Donations Trends Analysis: Which donation behaviors stand out? Recognizing and adapting to these donation patterns lets CAI stay ahead, making sure their communications captivate and resonate with potential contributors.

Addressable's approach is both unique and innovative. We integrate blockchain data with Web2 data, collected and processed by our Web3 Growth Suite. This synergy allows CAI to craft a comprehensive portrait of donor behavior, encompassing both on-chain elements (like financial transactions) and off-chain dynamics (such as demographics).

With the ability to monitor donations flowing into CAI's wallet, CAI can delve deep into donor behaviors. This encompasses not just their financial actions but also their digital footprints and engagements. This all-encompassing perspective enables CAI to hone its campaigns, ensuring they are always guided by data and are harmonized with donor inclinations and activities.

Key Insights

Between October 8th and 25th, CAI accumulated donations amounting to $183.5k, contributed by 155 generous donors.

Data insights from Addressable reveal that a significant portion of these donations came from major global contributors, notably from Israel, the United States, China (specifically Hong Kong), France, and Canada.

While Israel's leading role in initial donations may be anticipated, the changing dynamics of the conflict have revealed an intriguing pattern: a significant uptick in contributions from across the world. This international outpouring of support has come to the forefront, becoming a predominant factor in the donation landscape.

Exploring the intricate donor demographics of CAI offers captivating insights. To begin with, an impressive 19% of these generous donors possess a net worth that exceeds an astounding $100,000. This suggests possible ties to institutional entities, highlighting them as major players who provide substantial aid, making a remarkable difference.

Conversely, a considerable 37% of donors report a net worth below $1,000. This implies that these are individual contributors, driven by personal convictions. While they may not match the vast resources of institutional donors, their dedication to the cause is no less fervent.

But the story gets even more compelling: Recent data shows an increasing trend of individual donations. Instead of large one-time contributions, there’s a noticeable rise in smaller gifts from those with modest means. This showcases the incredible impact of collective generosity, where everyday individuals unite, each contributing in their own way, however small. It serves as a touching testament to the notion that every contribution, big or small, plays a crucial role in driving positive change.

Now, let's dive into the captivating world of cryptocurrency donations. Donors have opened their digital wallets to contribute in various cryptocurrencies, including the ever-popular Bitcoin (BTC), the versatile Ethereum (ETH), and a selection of stablecoins such as DAI, USDT, and USDC.

But what's really piqued our interest is the recent trend in these crypto contributions. In the past week, Ethereum (ETH) and the trusty Tether (USDT) have been stealing the spotlight. It's almost like the crypto world is saying, "Move over, BTC, there's a new player in town." It's a testament to the dynamic nature of the crypto landscape, where trends can change in the blink of an eye.


In the domain of charitable giving, CryptoAidIsrael (CAI) stands out as a beacon of hope and collaboration, powered by the collective strength of 20 cryptocurrency entities, with Addressable at its strategic helm. Addressable's prowess in analytics and campaign finesse has consistently charted the course for CAI, helping it navigate two essential inquiries.

The "Donor Profile Analysis" has shed light on the multifaceted contributors to the CAI fund. This spectrum ranges from influential global institutions to compassionate individuals of varying financial standings. A noteworthy surge in individual benefactors, particularly from regions such as the United States, France, and Hong Kong, indicates potential hotspots for heightened engagement.

Turning to the "Trending Donation Analysis," there's a discernible inclination towards Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) donations, subtly nudging Bitcoin (BTC) and DAI to the sidelines.

The tangible impact of these donations has been distinctly notable in several sectors:

  • $8,660 was devoted to Natal, emphasizing mental health support for trauma victims.
  • $11,130 was channeled to Lev Echad, assisting families of victims and those displaced with basic necessities.
  • A significant $52,080 was apportioned among four Kibbutzim severely affected by confrontations, providing widespread communal aid.
  • Currently, there is still approximately $77,000 in our wallets and an additional $22,360 with Bits of Gold, bringing CAI total assets to nearly $100,000.

On the whole, the initiative thrives, consistently drawing generous contributions that aid the recuperation and reconstruction journey of the affected individuals and their kin. We remain optimistic that our data-driven strategies will amplify this support, while fervently hoping for a horizon filled with peace and security.

For those wishing to extend their support, please visit https://cryptoaidisrael.com

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