March 12, 2024
Lev Poylisher
Head of Operations
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Influencer Marketing in Web3 - Brand Trust meets Brand Awareness

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3 marketing, influencers are redefining the way brands connect with their audience. This post delves into the dynamic nature of influencer collaboration within the Web3 space, focusing on how Web3 companies can strategically partner with crypto influencers to achieve their growth goals.

We explore the synergistic effect of cross-context targeting when authentic influencer-generated content (IGC) is leveraged to build trust while paid media campaigns drive brand awareness across multiple communities.
This approach underscores the strategic symbiosis of classic brand awareness with authentic collaborations in establishing brand trust.

Web3 is buzzing with crypto influencers who have become the go-to guides, breaking down intricate concepts and capturing the attention of a worldwide audience. 

Consider the story of @thekusamarian.
With a keen understanding of blockchain technology and a passion for decentralization, their impact extends beyond mere social media presence. Through insightful content and engaging discussions, Jay and the team have become thought leaders in the crypto community.

But perhaps the most significant impact lies in catalyzing conversations around the future of finance, technology, and society as a whole.

Through advocacy, activism, and community engagement, they champion the principles of decentralization, inclusivity, and transparency, taking an active stance in shaping the narrative of Web3.

Jay and the team are not alone - Crypto influencers are transforming our understanding and engagement with the evolving Web3 space.

Brands and Influencers: Finding the Perfect Fit

For Web3 companies, partnering with the right crypto influencers can mean the difference between a mere endorsement and a genuine alignment of values that resonate deeply. Selecting the right influencers to engage with requires a strategic approach that goes beyond follower count.

To start, great matches happen when Web3 companies closely evaluate an influencer's alignment with their brand values. For instance, if a decentralized identity platform values privacy and data sovereignty, collaborating with an influencer who champions these principles enhances the credibility of the partnership and reinforces the brand's commitment to its core values. 

Moreover, understanding an influencer's niche and expertise is paramount. The subject matters of influencer and brand must align well to drive engagement and subsequent growth.
An influencer focused on tokenomics may be an ideal match for a blockchain project aiming to revolutionize finance - an NFT and art centric influencer, not as much.
By thoughtfully selecting crypto influencers who align not only with brand values but also with the project's overarching goals, Web3 companies can forge partnerships that resonate, inspire trust, and ignite meaningful engagement within the community.

Approaching influencer selection with a strategic mindset, Web3 companies can build partnerships that amplify brand visibility and create genuine connections with the audiences that matter most to them.

Cross-Context Targeting: Amplifying Impact through Synergy

In the dynamic space of Web3 marketing, cross-targeting strategies emerge as a powerful catalyst for maximizing brand impact. This approach taps into the strong bond between influencer trust and paid media outreach, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with communities over time.

At its core, the cross-targeting approach recognizes the inherent credibility that trusted influencers hold within their communities. By strategically aligning influencer partnerships with paid media campaigns, Web3 companies tap into a dual-channel amplification effect.

Influencer trust serves as the foundation upon which paid media campaigns build, allowing for the seamless extension of the influencer's authenticity to a wider audience.

For instance, a respected crypto influencer, well aligned with a new DeFi project, endorses it on their organic outreach channels. This immediately creates a buzz rippling out from the influencer’s community to secondary community circles.

A well-timed integration of paid media campaigns that amplifies the authentic endorsement ensures that it reaches not only the influencer's community and immediate proxies but also a broader audience with common interests.

There are many ways to tactically accomplish this. Whichever method you choose, when done right, it is highly likely to harmonize influencer trust and paid media efficiency. This leads to a holistic brand narrative that is both credible and widespread, ultimately forging deeper connections and brand loyalty within the Web3 community.

What is success?

As authentic collaboration between brands and influencers becomes a cornerstone of successful campaigns, measuring the true impact of this collaboration requires a shift away from vanity metrics towards more meaningful indicators of success.

Performance tracking is crucial in evaluating the effectiveness of influencer marketing, however it is often neglected.

While metrics like impression count or Click-Through Rate provide some insight, they often fail to capture the essence of authentic engagement and brand trust. The right metrics should reflect the combined impact of brand trust and brand awareness. Brand awareness alone, often measured by overall impression count and engagement rate, may lead to increased CTR and site visits.
However, true success lies in engagement further down the funnel.

Focusing on concrete on-chain metrics such as CPA offers a more accurate reflection of the value generated through influencer partnerships.

Measuring the cost-effectiveness of acquiring a new user provides a tangible indicator of the ROI in influencer collaboration.

Thus, a shift towards meaningful KPIs that go beyond surface-level engagement is required.

By prioritizing metrics like CPA with influencer marketing performance, brands can unlock the true potential of their partnerships and drive sustainable growth that goes beyond surface-level engagement.

Wrapping up

  • Authenticity and trust are major pillars of success in the evolving landscape of Web3 marketing.
  • Influencers possess a deep understanding of blockchain and crypto, making them invaluable guides for users navigating the Web3 space.
  • Partnering with the right crypto influencers presents a unique opportunity for Web3 businesses to receive recommendations from well-recognized voices, tap into dedicated communities and niche audiences, and be promoted on a deeper level than through mass social messaging.
  • Boosting influencer-generated content with targeted paid campaigns amplifies the reach and impact of that trust-centric collaboration, reaching very accurately built target audiences.

The power of influencers in the Web3 landscape extends beyond mere marketing tactics – it represents a paradigm shift in the way brands engage with audiences. By embracing authentic collaboration, companies can redefine the boundaries of traditional marketing and pave the way for enduring success in the age of decentralized tech.

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