January 31, 2023
We’re thrilled to be kicking off 2023 with exciting news - we’ve raised $7.5 million to continue expanding and developing our Web3 marketing tech stack, in a seed-funding round led by several prominent VCs! Here’s a breakdown of our future plans, the impact the funding will have on Addressable, and why we see Web3 customer acquisition as one of the biggest forces that will shape the blockchain landscape in 2023.
Tomer Sharoni
CEO at Addressable.io
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All the details on our $7.5 million funding round

We are thrilled to share the news that Addressable has secured a $7.5 million seed funding round, led by the highly-regarded Viola Ventures and Fabric Ventures. And it doesn't stop there. Joining the round are an incredible group of partners, including North Island Ventures, Mensch Capital, and numerous remarkable angel investors who believe in our mission. We feel incredibly grateful and honored to have such a fantastic team of supporters backing us.

With this funding, we will accelerate the adoption and expansion of our SaaS platform, which provides Web3 marketing teams with a powerful end-to-end solution to effectively target new audiences by matching blockchain activity with social audiences.

We plan to continue growing our end-to-end Web3 marketing solution, developing support for additional blockchains and creating more social media integrations. By expanding our capabilities and integrations, we’ll provide Web3 marketers with even more options for defining, activating and effectively reaching their audiences.

“Addressable's Web3 marketing platform combines a compelling go-to-market opportunity for any Web3 business, thanks to a user-centric approach this sector craves,” says Richard Muirhead, Chairman and Managing Partner at Fabric Ventures.

“We are excited to take part in Addressable's journey and to welcome them into the Fabric family.”

How Addressable optimizes Web3 marketing

Addressable provides Web3 companies with a critical solution for precise targeting, which dramatically reduces cost-of-acquisition when compared to the general, broad targeting options found in existing Web2 tools.

“Marketing is all about knowing your audience, but since crypto wallets are anonymized by design, Web3 marketers rarely know their audience’s age, country or purchasing history,” says Dr. Asaf Nadler, our co-founder and chief scientist at Addressable.

“In the face of anonymity, our solution allows Web3 marketers to associate anonymous blockchain audiences with social media activity, ultimately addressing the most significant barrier to Web3 growth today.”

Leon Stern, director of growth at Polygon and one of our first customers, explains that in the Web3 era, “the key barrier to growth is the inability of marketers to deliver their messages to their targeted audiences, simply because they don’t know much about them.”

He adds that “most users aren’t attentive on Discord - they’re on social media, and you need to effectively get their attention there. This is where Addressable brings incredible value.”

Leon Stern, director of growth at Polygon and one of our first customers, explains that in the Web3 era, “the key barrier to growth is the inability of marketers to deliver their messages to their targeted audiences, simply because they don’t know much about them.”

“Addressable is solving a huge problem for Web2 and Web3 companies that want to understand their Web3 audiences,” says Omry Ben David, General Partner at Viola Ventures.

He explains that the platform “enables marketers to connect the dots between on-chain blockchain data with off-chain social media accounts and use precision targeting for a crisper value proposition and thus superior ROI and conversion.”

“Coupled with an A-class founding team, we believe Addressable is best positioned to lead the marketing stack category in Web3.”

Our vision for the future

We, the co-founders of Addressable, are big believers in the power of Web3 and truly love this space. For years, we’ve worked with Big Data and AI by day, while trading crypto and NFTs by night.

Addressable was born of our passion for blockchain technologies and Big Data, and we’ve created a company that allows us to channel our expertise in both those areas and produce a platform that solves the toughest challenges facing Web3 marketers today.

The best part is that we genuinely love what we do, and enjoy every day that we spend working on Web3 marketing solutions that are reshaping a marketing landscape that’s rich in both challenges and opportunities.

Our core team includes amazing talents in Machine Learning and Data Engineering, who are not only a pleasure to work with, but have proved their brilliance time and time again. They’ve helped us create a full scale SaaS product that delivers huge value for every one of our customers. We are honored to be surrounded by such a stellar team and thankful that they chose to be part of the Addressable family.

Our vision is to reimagine and rebuild the marketing stack for Web3, from the ground up, based on the real-world challenges facing marketers. Web3 isn’t just about tokens and digital assets — successful marketing in the space must be focused on community building and two-way connection with your customers. Web3 community members are much more involved than regular customers, and marketing solutions must acknowledge that reality.

Addressable’s aim is to provide a solution that allows Web3-focused businesses to easily attract new customers, create exciting, innovative channels of communication, nurture current members and to monitor all marketing activities from a community perspective.

Who are we?

Tomer Shlomo, our CTO, is a seasoned leader in big data and R&D. Tomer has built and developed large-scale data applications for the Israeli prime minister’s office and for large organizations, including Synamedia, Akamai Technologies, and At-Bay. In previous roles, Tomer has led Product and R&D groups of 50 engineers responsible for top grossing business lines.

Dr. Asaf Nadler, our Chief Scientist, has nearly 20 years of experience in data analytics from his time in the Israeli military’s elite 8200 unit and Akamai Technologies, where he was the Director of Data Science. Asaf holds a PhD in software engineering and his research focuses on big data analytics, AI and blockchain, with over 10 publications and 250+ citations.

Tomer Sharoni, CEO (that’s me) - I’ve devoted my entire career to building and leading data-driven organizations. Prior to founding Addressable, I acted as VP of Product at Salt Security, which secures billions of APIs on a daily basis and works with leading international crypto and financial companies. Previously, I served as a manager of a product group in the prestigious tech directorate of the Israeli Government, leading three of the group’s projects to win the Israeli Defense Prize for ground-breaking technology that saved countless lives.

To learn more about how our team can help you take your Web3 marketing to the next level, get in touch with us today.

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