November 20, 2023
1-click integration for Google Tag Manager: Full Web2 & Web3 funnel analytics for actionable insights
Gal Yalon
Head of Marketing at
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Unlock full Web3 marketing measurability and visibility with Addressable

Knowing which Web3 marketing tactics, campaigns and channels work best is key to marketing success. You must be able to measure performance to know what to adjust to improve results. Measurement is hard in Web3 because anonymity prevents linking on-chain actions to specific user types, so you can’t attribute conversions to their sources. Also, standard measurement tools, e.g. Google Analytics, don’t support on-chain conversion tracking.

Addressable’s 1-click GTM (Google Tag Manager) integration solves these gaps by putting all customer journey data in 1 place to bridge the Web3 and Web2 worlds, with full visibility from first Web2 action to last on-chain conversion.

Addressable 1-click integration for GTM (Google Tag Manager)

GTM: The gold standard for Web2 analytics, but insufficient on its own for Web3

GTM for Web2 measurement

We’ve worked with 100s of marketers at top Web3 brands to set up and measure high-performing campaigns to attract ideal Web3 users. Many used tracking tech like Google Analytics to attribute Web2 campaign conversions, but lacked tech that also can track Web3 events and attribute a specific Web2 trigger event that drove the conversion. 

GTM is one of the best measurement enablement tools. Its engine tags and tracks every action on your website as events. These events are then anonymously aggregated by analytics platforms into usable insights. This process enables the tracking and attribution of Web2 events to specific referrers, channels, and campaigns. As a result, you can make data-driven decisions based on what performs best.

GTM for Web3 measurement - Resource intensive

GTM alone, however, can’t track Web3 events, because they are triggered by on-chain actions. You need a way to trace Web3 triggers back to the Web2 actions that preceded them (view, click, signup, wallet connection etc.). GTM’s new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) backend also has new data and customization limits, so usable insights are even harder to get!

Many ideal Web3 users also won’t convert the 1st time they visit your site, but may convert later after more research. This journey is hard to track since they may use both a phone and PC along the way. A solution that both tracks Web3 events and maps Web3 users to Web2 activities helps you know those users' full journey. 

The top 3 requests we get from our customers are all around these issues:

  1. “We have GTM and GA4 for page views. Help us expand to track more events.”
  2. “We want visibility to what attracts the best users: ones who connect wallets, trade or mint. Can you help?
  3. “We have no dev resources to set up this funnel. Can we complete this task with only the marketing team?”

Clients with capable internal devs still prefer a 3rd party solution to avoid dev priority conflicts. Google approved for us to build a Web3 GTM integration for all these needs so you can track top Web3 events: wallet connections, swaps, mints and more out-of-the-box, with dev-free setup and easy visualization of any marketing funnel!

GTM tagging for on-chain events - How does it work?

Tracking blockchain actions is intensive: You either need costly data providers or your devs must index blockchains 1 at a time and also turn the raw data into actionable triggers later on. Web3 brands we work with can’t prioritize any of this heavy lifting, as they have their own product to develop. You must also track wallet connection (WC) events, when users link a Web3 wallet to your Web2 dApp front end or mobile app. Traditional SDKs can’t capture all WC events due to the many libraries and popular wallets out there. 

Tracking middle-of-funnel WCs gets insights on potential users who show intent, but don’t convert. They’re ripe targets for future campaigns, so tagging and grouping them to retarget later is key. Doing this also requires tech that can connect on-chain actions to Web2 events, under a strict privacy policy that fits higher Web3 privacy standards.

In the above funnel, GTM tracks actions from ad clicks through the Wallet Connect click. Then Addressable’s on-chain data can track the user's wallet address once it’s connected all the way through on-chain action or conversion. Below we describe our solution to track this full journey and present the data as actionable insights.

Addressable 1-click integration for GTM (Google Tag Manager)

We designed our solution to both solve these end to end measurement gaps across Web2 and Web3, and for you to be able to complete the integration quickly and on a self-serve manner.

It’s smooth, codeless and works for most WC libraries with 0 dev effort to capture both standard events like page views and clicks, as well as on-chain events. Install in 1 click, then use real-time insights to optimize campaigns across 7 blockchains we indexed (so far): Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, Binance chain, Avalanche, Base and Arbitrum. We constantly process data on all 7 chains for on-chain conversion tracking with 0 added effort.

Track both standard conversions & WC events for significant advantages

The self-serve integration easily links site actions to on-chain conversions for advanced measurement and full funnel insights vs competitors. It automatically feeds GTM events to our analytics engine, which builds simple dashboards to easily compare and analyze events (e.g. swaps, NFT mints) and the referrers, channels or campaigns driving them. 

Our customers use this data to adjust campaigns, creative or copy, create new audiences for future campaigns, and tap into user trends better. You can also compare converted vs potential users. The dashboard has all your tagged organic and paid campaign results:

  • Results by channel over time: visits, WCs, conversions.
  • Results by campaign: Unique users, unique wallets, conversions, CPC and CPA.
  • List of potential wallet addresses for retargeting (visited, but didn’t convert).

Finally get on-chain insights to understand your users and be able to attribute conversions back to a specific tactic, campaign or channel. To learn more about the full range of Addressable Web3 growth tools, contact us here.

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