Senior Data Engineer

Full Time
Tel Aviv, Israel

So, what's the job?

We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer to join our Engineering Team. You will play a crucial role in designing, developing, and optimizing data pipelines for blockchain and social data along with developing backend ETL infrastructure for our flagship product.

You will:

  • be a key player in architecting and implementing Addressable’s data pipelines.
  • Lead the end-to-end design of ETLs, data structure, database ingestion and management from the architectural phase through development to deployment in production.
  • Contribute to Addressable’s real-time analytics product on our extensive data lake of blockchain and social data.
  • Use a diverse technology stack. Our current stack contains mainly: Python, MongoDB, AWS Athena, Apache Iceberg, StarRocks, Postgres and more.

Success in this role will be measured by your ability to independently oversee processes from start to finish, collaborate effectively with team members, deliver rapid and well-tested features, and contribute significantly to our overall business achievements.

Sounds great! Am I the right fit?

Well, you have a good chance of fitting right in if you check as many of these as possible:

  • At least 4 years of experience in data infrastructure, big data, and data engineering.
  • Proficiency in Python, with the ability to effectively use it for data manipulation, analysis, and pipeline development in a large-scale data environment.
  • Proven experience working with NoSQL and SQL database technologies such as Postgres, MongoDB
  • Knowledge of working with Real time analytics databases such as Clickhouse, Apache Druid, Firebolt, SingleStore, StarRocks or equivalent used for BI solutions
  • Experience in working with Linux environments
  • Proven experience in building and deploying code in production environments
  • Cloud computing experience (AWS, GCP, Azure, or similar).
  • A highly motivated and results-driven self-starter, with strong organizational skills and attention to detail. You should be able to learn independently and thrive in a high paced environment.
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