May 19, 2024
How Addressable is Transforming Digital Marketing with Web3 Data and Insights
Shamir Ozery
Head of Ecosystem
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Visual representation comparing Web2 and Web3, highlighting differences such as centralized vs. decentralized networks, user data control, and transaction transparency. This image serves as the header for a blog post on the evolution from Web2 to Web3

Starting my marketing journey as an Account Manager fresh out of college at McCann Tel-Aviv, I was captivated by the potential of digital channels. At that time, digital's ability to offer precise tracking and hyper-personalization already hinted at its disruptive impact, though it only commanded a mere 12% of our clients' marketing budgets. 

My manager's advice to "go where the money is" reflected the present, but hardly anticipated the future.

The Shift to Web2

Web2 was transformative, integrating the mobile revolution, streaming, social media, and e-commerce into our daily lives, reshaping how we consume content, communicate, and shop. Information became commoditized and freely available, yet it came with a catch;  this era also saw the rise of tech giants like Google and Facebook behemoths that still today dominate our digital lives, turning our attention into their revenue. 

As Chris Dixon points out in the highly recommended "Read, Write, Own," we became the product.

Enter Web3: A New Paradigm

Web3 blurs the traditional lines between users and creators; here, owning a token or an NFT often means being a part-owner, decision-maker, and investor in a project. This layer of ownership democratizes value distribution and accessibility and adds a new dimension to how users behave online.

Bridging the Gap Between Web2 and Web3

Despite the advancements, most marketing tools still adhere to the Web2 model, focusing on engagement metrics such as follows, likes, clicks ,and conversions. 

But with most products being on-chain, Web3 poses new challenges to builders and marketers alike.

In the Web3 customer journey, there’s often no traditional conversion event, but rather new types of transactional events (whether between people and/or contracts) such as purchases, swaps & smart contract deployments, which occur over time on the blockchain. 

While this adds a very useful value layer for consumers, it can make seeing and understanding what’s going on extremely challenging. Blockchain’s pseudo-anonymous and fragmented nature creates noise and gaps in our ability to understand user behavior and see the full picture. 

And without seeing the picture, serving & delighting our audiences can become a crapshoot.

We typically lean into Web3 analytics solutions such as Dune or Flipside, but this information is aggregated at best and abstract and lacking at worst.

Furthermore, there’s a huge tracking gap between Web2 events and Web3 events or interactions – with virtually no actionable correlation or connection between the two. 

There’s a chasm in between that needs to be crossed.

Revolutionizing the Web3 Martech Stack at

At, we are pioneering solutions to bridge this chasm. Our platform leverages Web3 data to provide actionable insights - enabling marketers to understand, attract, and engage users more effectively. With comprehensive analytics and attribution, we offer unique insights and a scalable growth model that responds to the unique challenges of Web3 marketing.

The Future Is Web3

Web3 will be transformative. The integration of decentralized technologies, open protocols, tokenization, programmable money ,and AI will redefine value distribution, ownership, and transactions. Understanding these interactions at scale is crucial, and is poised at this intersection, ready to translate Web3 data into growth opportunities.

If you're unfamiliar with our solution - consider this a warm invitation to book a demo - Let's grow together in this new digital era.

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