April 1, 2024
Lee Brisco
Senior Programmatic Lead
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5 Game-Changing insights for Display Ads in a Cookieless World

Insights Revealed by Addressable, Coca-Cola, & GroupM at the Adform event 

Fresh off the stage from the Adform event in London, I found myself not just sharing the panel with industry leaders like Coca-Cola and GroupM, but also highlighting our crucial influence in the fast transforming digital marketing world. As Addressable's head of programmatic, I steered through engaging discussions with James Trott and Zuzanna Gierlinska by developing a narrative that underscored our determination and leadership as we move towards a future without cookies. The panel fostered a similar end goal in post cookieless identity which suits both brands and audiences - the challenge was how we get there!

The talk was full of energy and forward-thinking, setting us up perfectly to share five key insights. These insights bridge the gap between Web3’s pioneering strategies and their application within the broader digital marketing sphere of Web2, shining a light on how mixing the best of both can totally revolutionize our industry's engagement and growth tactics.

Embarking on a Cookieless Journey: Five Key Insights from the Adform Panel

A New Era Dawns

The conversations at Adform illuminated the cookieless transition not as a challenge but as a beacon of opportunity. It's a call to rethink how we acquire data, connect the conversion journey, optimize media spend and deliver interactions that foster genuine, lasting relationships.

The Vanguard of Privacy: Wallet IDs

At the heart of our panel’s discussion was the rise of Wallet IDs, heralding a fresh marketing era. Addressable has been a frontrunner in leveraging anonymous data, viewing Wallet IDs as more than tools—they're the bedrock of a future where digital marketing seamlessly blends privacy with deep engagement.

Innovation at the Forefront: The ID Fusion Saga

We dove deep into the potential of Adform's ID Fusion tech, applauding its role in seamlessly integrating into this new era. This innovation signals a marketing future that's not only effective but also solves an industry issue of having multiple universal ID solutions by providing a platform for each solution to work together to track actions - with everybody ultimately benefiting.

"Our ID Fusion solution seamlessly integrates a wide range of universal ID partners, built for a post-cookie world. This provides both privacy and data security for the audiences we target and maximizes scale alongside measurability, changing the game for brands. We are excited for Addressable to utilize this technology, alongside their wallet ID measurement, to provide advertisers with a fully rounded picture of their activity."
Philip Acton, Country Manager UK @ Adform

Beyond Metrics: Cultivating Community

The event echoed a powerful message: the future of marketing extends beyond metrics. It's about nurturing communities and fostering authentic connections, marking a shift towards strategies that resonate on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Expanding Horizons

Change is good! Strategies born from the cookieless shift have extensive impacts, poised to redefine how various industries interact with their audiences, spanning from real estate to retail. Cookieless will impact a retail centric company in a different way to an e-commerce based business - meaning the package of measures to ensure measurement and effective media buying after cookieless will also vary.

A Decentralized Journey Forward

The collective vision at Adform was clear: embracing blockchain and decentralization signals a cultural shift in marketing, setting the stage for a more stable and equitable digital landscape.  

Blockchain and decentralization are at odds with the traditional centralized cookie based system being phased out. Cookie based measurement is mainly run and administered by Google, building a lot of data and a lot of power! Blockchain technology has no owner, provides anonymity and provides a stable solution to building out future solutions whilst taking power back from the tech giants!

As we reflect on the insights from Adform, it's evident that we're part of a marketing renaissance, actively shaping a cookieless future. Addressable, together with industry leaders from Coca-Cola, GroupM and Adform, is not just navigating this new era; we're at the forefront, driving it forward.

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