August 10, 2023
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August is proving to be an exciting month at Addressable and we’re stoked to share our latest updates with you. A sneak preview: we’ve got a new Referrals program, enhanced features for even better audience analytics and attribution, and more.


  1. You can now create audiences with granular, hyper-precise targeting, like selecting user groups based on their business category, interactions with CEXs and Governance Tokens, and more. 
  2. We have enriched our insights into user journeys on the blockchain, empowering you with the ability to track your audience's activity from start to finish. This includes on-ramps, swapping ETH for WETH, and buying NFTs.
  3. Our new referrals program allows you to create an A-Z rewards program for your most active, engaged users who spread the word about your project, complete with auto on-chain payments and more.
  4. Enhanced attribution: View Web3 events across more blockchains than ever before.

Sharper Targeting: Hyper-Specific Audience Segmentation

We have completely rebuilt our audience segmentation algorithms from the ground up to automatically capture dApp tags and user activity tags across all supported EVM chains.

With this improvement, you can now create audiences with much more granular targeting. For instance, you can select user groups based on their activity within entire business categories or their participation in DAOs, interactions with CEXs, Governance Tokens, and more.

Moreover, we have enhanced our insights into user journeys on the blockchain. You can now track your users from start to finish, including actions like on-ramp, swapping ETH to WETH, and buying NFTs.

This holistic, big-picture view of all stages of the user journey provides you with deeper knowledge of what your audience and users are doing both before and after onboarding.

Introducing our New Referrals program: Seamless payout and integration

On the heels of our partnership with Spindl, we've got something new to offer you.

We'll keep this short and sweet: it's a crypto-native referral program that you can launch in minutes and enables your users to create links for referring their friends to your platform.

Your best ambassadors are your users, and they can now get rewarded in your native token (or any other token) after every referral, directly to their wallet.

Seamless and speedy integration, plus smart contract payouts - what's not to love?

Enhanced Attribution for Web3 Events

Addressable’s Attribution feature, which provides a bridge between traditional Web2 attribution and on-chain events, critical insights into audience and user behavior, now supports Web3 events on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche and BNB Chain. 

With so many options in your arsenal, you can reach a greater number of potential users and audiences across a diverse range of blockchains.

Addressable+ for Campaigns and Programmatic Ads

Launch robust, highly targeted Twitter outreach with Addressable+, our battle tested campaign optimization tool. 

Addressable+ offers you industry-leading capabilities that specifically target users who are most likely to convert on your platform. With campaign settings automatically adjusted based on conversions and ad engagement, smart targeting is simpler than ever.

Our Programmatic Advertising feature lets you meet your audience, anywhere they hang out - on and off social media networks. That means you can leverage tools like banner ads on websites, which allow you to steadily build up your presence across all the places your audience visits. 

One of our favorite things about Web3 is the fact that the space changes so quickly. It’s important to us to offer a platform that evolves with the realities of the market and developments within the industry, so we’re always optimizing and improving Addressable to ensure that it’s providing real-world value for Web3 marketers.

Do you have a feature in mind that you think we should offer? Got feedback on changes or want to share your opinion about our current platform and how it’s working for you? Get in touch with us - we’d love to hear from you.

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