July 10, 2023
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July is shaping up to be an electrifying month for Addressable, and we’re thrilled to share our latest updates with you. We’re introducing a new collaboration that’s set to empower Web3 marketers with deeper insights into user acquisition than ever before, expanded a number of our core features, launched new programmatic ad support, and are traveling to EthCC 6, where you can meet us in person.


  1. Addressable now empowers you with in-depth support for programmatic (display) advertising, strengthening your options for campaign coverage.
  2. We launched a new partnership with Spindl to provide Web3 marketers with an industry-leading attribution solution.
  3. You can meet us IRL at EthCC 6 in Paris! 
  4. We’ve expanded and improved our existing features so you can make the most out of our platform.

Meet Your Audience, Everywhere: Programmatic Advertising Now Enabled

Addresable’s proprietary, AI-driven algorithm helps you expertly target and optimize marketing outreach for your target audience. Supporting programmatic display ads was the natural next step in arming our Web3 marketers with a 360 degree, holistic big-picture support that puts all possible options and tools in their arsenals.

Our new programmatic advertising feature means that you can target specific audiences with banner ads on websites. This tool is especially critical for brand awareness campaigns, so you can steadily and consistently build up your presence across all sites your target audience visits, beyond social media.

Build your target audience by leveraging Web3 (on-chain) events, social media, and your key demographics. With programmatic advertising, you can now target your ideal audience in more places than ever before.

Addressable and Spindl Announce New Strategic Partnership

We’re teaming up with Spindl to create the first comprehensive user-acquisition solution in Web3. They share our values regarding the importance of data-driven marketing, offer a best-in-class Web3 attribution, and we’re excited to launch an innovative solution that marries the best of our in-house technology.

Our partnership with Spindl means you’ll be able to create a Web3 audience, launch targeted campaigns, measure your campaigns’ performance, and reward your audience and influencers natively on-chain, all in one unified experience. 

There’s nothing like this in Web3 right now, and we’re proud to lay down the foundation of the data-driven aspect of powerful Web3 marketing. 

EthCC 6 Paris: Meet Us in Person

Our Co-Founders, Asaf Nadler and Tomer Sharoni, will be in the City of Love from July 17th to the 20th for EthCC 2023. We are looking forward to (finally) hanging out, face-to-face, with others in the Web3 space. If you’re heading to the conference, we’d love to meet you!

You can book a meeting with us here, or DM us on Twitter if that’s easier. We’d love to chat with you about your marketing strategy over a cup of coffee, beer, or croissant. Come meet us to discuss your project, exciting developments in Web3, or just to chat. Whatever works for you 🙂

Tomer will be speaking on a panel about On-chain attribution and identity at the Web3 Growth Summit on July 18th. Asaf Will be speaking at the Infra Gardens event on July 19th.

Feature Expansions Galore: AI Optimization, Advanced Analytics, and Deep Attribution

Addressable+ Advancements 

Addressable+ is now even faster and more robust, with enhanced capabilities that specifically target users who haven't converted on your platform. Utilizing real web3 retargeting, it empowers you to dynamically optimize your campaigns. The campaign settings of Addressable+ are automatically adjusted based on conversions and ad engagement, enabling smart targeting.

Expanded Web2<->Web3 Attribution

You can now track the behavior of users who connected their wallets, but didn’t convert, on your platform. This gives you unparalleled insights into your users’ actions and activities, so you can make smarter, data-driven choices for future outreach, and easily launch web3 retargeting campaigns.

Strengthening Audience User Analytics

Analyze which individuals and businesses are most influencing your audience, with our expanded Audience User Analytics dashboard. You can launch KOL campaigns, business partnerships or marketing collaboration with the right businesses for your selected audience.

Because our goal is to provide a stellar solution that’s practical in the real world of Web3 marketing, we’re always open to hearing your ideas about how we can make our platform better.

If you’ve got a suggestion / feedback regarding our platform or features, we’d love to hear from you!

Don’t be shy - get in touch with us (you can reach out to us on Twitter here) and tell us what’s driving value for your project and what we could offer that would help you.

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