June 12, 2023
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We’re proud to debut several exciting expansions and new features to our platform this month, including making tracking Web2 to Web3 attribution easier than ever before, offering deep insights into your followers, and more.


  1. Our advanced attribution dashboard now empowers you with the ability to track your campaign performance across Web2 and Web3.
  2. We’ve expanded our Audience User Analytics so you can gain insights into critical aspects regarding user behavior, including My Followers and conversion rates.
  3. Addressable now supports your marketing efforts across 6 different blockchains.
  4. Meet Addressable+ : Our proprietary AI for optimized Twitter campaigns.

Insights with an impact: Web2<->Web3 Marketing Attribution

Our dashboard for Web2 and Web3 marketing efforts provides you with a single source of truth for attribution across both mediums. You can now track the performance of your marketing campaigns across both Web2 and Web3, giving you a holistic, big picture overview of your outreach’s success and efficacy.

Identifying which campaigns are driving the most conversions and optimizing your marketing spend is easier than ever before. The dashboard supports seamless integration for Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Meta Pixel, Twitter Pixel, and other attribution solutions for tracking the full marketing funnel, from Web2 activity through Web3 action and events.

Learn which campaigns are driving the most revenue and customer lifetime value (LTV) on-chain, in a single graph - you’ll see all the relevant data in one place, with no toggling back and forth between screens or tabs required.

You can quickly spot which segments are converting better than others for your current product offering, and gain the ability to double down on your outreach or retarget elsewhere.

This tool empowers you with the data you need to manage your marketing budget much more effectively, understand where to increase spend on aspects that are working, and when you should eliminate channels that aren’t delivering a valuable outcome.

You’ll also gain a long-term perspective into your marketing’s strengths and weaknesses, as the dashboard allows you to track your campaign performance over time.

Better data, smarter choices: Expanded Audience User Analytics

We’ve expanded this core feature of our platform, so you can better analyze the behavior of your audience across different segments and make data-driven decisions regarding your campaign and outreach efforts.

You can now categorize your selected audience segments into groups of users, based on their behavior, and view them according to the custom metrics you would like to track.

This provides you with the ability to take real-time decisions regarding the direction of your campaign when it matters most, and make the most advantageous choices for your resources, assets, and manpower hours.

Deeper insights, better results: Optimized My Followers Analysis

Even if you’ve already built a solid audience of engaged users, you’ll need insights into how your community is growing and changing, as well as what content and outreach are inspiring them, in order to craft high-impact campaigns.

You can now see and understand how your community is developing by analyzing your followers and their behavior over time, thanks to our optimized My Followers Analysis feature. Identify your most engaged followers, based on Addressable’s unique Follower Scorecard feature, and learn what’s trending for your followers on-chain and off-chain.

Leverage these valuable insights about your followers in order to launch sophisticated audience targeting. Armed with this knowledge, you can create marketing efforts and campaigns that are perfectly suited to appeal to your community and generate real results that matter for your project.

Expansion that counts: Addressable now supports 6 blockchains

Addressable now supports your Web3 marketing efforts across 6 different blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism and Avalanche.

You can segment, track, and analyze your audiences and their behavior across all of these blockchains, providing you with the ability to understand your options and the efficiency of your outreach in more spaces than ever before.

Meet Addressable+: an AI for optimizing Twitter campaigns for on-chain conversions

We know that Twitter is an incredibly important platform for your Web3 Marketing. Now, you can streamline and optimize your Twitter campaigns using Addressable’s proprietary AI algorithm. Forget shouting into the void - you can ensure that your campaign spend is going towards the right users, and delivered in the way that’s most likely to resonate with them.

Enjoy superior targeted outreach, a boost to your campaign impact, and highly effective campaigns using our AI-driven feature. Just define your applications and some close competitors, and let Addressable+ do all the heavy lifting by dynamically targeting user groups and optimizing over time. You can make smarter, data-backed choices regarding your Web3 marketing on Twitter with Addressable’s critical AI-driven algorithm. Addressable+ goes even further by providing the capability to retarget based on WalletConnects and on-chain conversions.

We’re deeply familiar with the ever-evolving nature of the Web3 market, and it’s clear that the popularity of particular platforms and blockchains fluctuates over time.

Addressable strives to ensure that Web3 marketers enjoy the right tools and solutions for a space that’s constantly shifting, and that means we’re committed to continuously updating and improving our platform.

Got an idea for a feature that could significantly benefit your campaigns? Feel like we should expand one of our existing features?

We’d love to hear from you. Feel free to get in touch with us (you can reach out to us on Twitter here) and let us know what would provide the most value for your project.

As Web3 continues to grow and expand, our platform will stay as agile and flexible as the space itself. Addressable is dedicated to providing a platform that’s shaped by insiders who truly understand and know the space, with the features that make an actual impact for Web3 marketers.

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