May 10, 2023
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We’re thrilled to announce that we've made a number of significant improvements to our product this month, including full support for Twitter targeted audiences, optimized dashboards for audience analytics, smart customizations, and more.


  1. Targeted audiences upload status is now available directly in the dashboard, which allows to easily understand which audiences are ready to launch.
  2. Market research dashboard allows you to analyze your audiences by country, on-chain activities, and much more to understand your audience thoroughly.
  3. Streamlined look and feel: we’ve made some tweaks that boost your experience and simplify viewing and accessing relevant data and insights.

Performance Upgrade: Optimized Twitter targeted audiences

We've optimized our support for targeted audiences on Twitter feature, so you can track the status of your Audiences from within the Addressable platform.

Check whether your Twitter processing of your targeted audiences has been completed and your campaign is ready for launch from our Dashboard.

Targeting campaigns for optimized impact has become easier than ever. You can automatically upload a targeted audience from our platform while your campaign is ongoing, so you can leverage Addressable’s latest Web3 audiences and update outreach to specific segments based on real-time data.

Forget toggling back and forth between your Ads Manager and Addressable - it’s all integrated in-platform, so you can see everything you need in one place.

Market research upgrade: New insights for Audience Segmentation

Gain critical insights into your audiences, including where your ideal users hang out, their top followed KOLs, their most popular NFTs, and more.

The new insights enable you to:

  • Find the most relevant countries for your campaign
  • Discover your audience distribution of balances
  • Find the most relevant Tokens your audience holds
  • Find the most relevant NFTs communities to collaborate with
  • Reach out to the most followed KOLs on social media by your audience
  • Learn the top keywords describing your audience

Try out our new Dashboards to discover more about your audiences!

Manage your audiences: Smart Customizations for Audiences

Customize the look of your Audiences tables, so you can easily view or use the data that’s most important to you in the way that makes the most sense for your project.

Within Audiences, you can configure tables by categories, contracts, or other metrics, like the number of social accounts per Audience. You can change how information is displayed in the tables, such as reordering and sorting columns, according to your preferences.

Editing and duplicating an Audience with one click and search by name, configuration, or category is now possible.

Build sophisticated targeted audiences: Expansions to Audiences Builder

Enjoy a big-picture overview with expanded options for your targeted audiences, along with solutions that are tailor-made for your project.

Build the most accurate and relevant audience for your project. New categories are now displayed first in the dropdown list, so you can immediately see the most recent updates and developments in that space.

The amount of users in each category and contracts are now updated daily, so you can understand their size before you make selections.

New contracts are in circulation within 24 hours after being introduced on the blockchain. The contracts’ metadata (including names, standard, holders) are calculated in advance, so you can gain access as quickly as possible.

We’ve enriched our contract names and metadata for easy text search. That means you can swiftly locate or confirm the validity of a token you’re searching for, as it’s now backed up by in-platform data.

Better UX for Reports

Our Reports now include a section for dates and descriptions. You can view at a glance when a report was last modified, uploaded, as well as a summary of what’s included. Searching via description can help you find the Report you need, faster.

Streamlined look and feel

We’ve made your life easier with an improved look and feel on our platform, so you can find the information and insights you need, fast.

UI loading for large audiences is faster than ever, the “Create Audience” button has been relocated for easier access, and we’ve added a quick view option within our Audience Summary so you can swiftly check in on your Twitter upload status and Audience configurations and distributions.

Additionally, our eft-side menu and header are now smaller, providing more room for insights and recommendations.

Moving forward, we’re planning on rolling out new features as part of our ongoing quest to provide the best Web3 Marketing platform in the industry. Because the space is constantly evolving, we’ll be updating our solution accordingly so you can stay at the top of your game.

If you’ve got feedback on these changes or suggestions for future features, don’t be shy. Get in touch with us - we’d love to hear from you.

A major part of our commitment to our customers is ensuring that we are providing a platform that’s relevant for the market today, tomorrow, and beyond. That means that we listen to our clients, consider their frustrations when it comes to the space, and actively seek to build solutions that address those specific challenges.

It’s impossible to predict what the future holds, but what’s certain is that Web3 will continue to change. Addressable will be there to respond with agile, intelligent solutions, along with value for Web3 marketers, that are as dynamic as Web3 itself.

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