February 28, 2024
Addressable and Serotonin partner to offer full-service, data-driven, scalable Web3 growth
Tomer Sharoni
CEO at Addressable.io
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Unlocking data-driven, 360° Web3 growth

The Web3 space is garnering significant attention in 2024, with new investments and entrants racing to join the bull run. As Web3 expands, brands are also ramping up marketing. With the higher stakes and more crowded landscape, brands are challenged to better differentiate and invest much more to scale user acquisition.

The range of Web3 products also expanded amidst this growth, broadening Web3’s use cases. We’ve now enabled data-driven, auto-optimized campaigns for clients in over a dozen sectors, including DeFi, NFT, Gaming, Infrastructure, Entertainment, Gambling, Security, Sports, Wallets, L2s, among others. Leaders among them are often those who can best define and message to ideal users using paid and organic marketing, for both ample reach and to stand out from the crowd. They also engage and service them well for retention.

However, many companies lack Web3 marketing expertise to excel in all these aspects on their own. Even with access to top targeting and insights tools like Addressable, they need broader strategic help. They seek services to help them get the most out of tools like Addressable as part of a data-driven marketing mix and strategy to achieve their user acquisition, growth, and retention goals.

Addressable and Serotonin enable seamless growth for any Web3 brand

That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with Serotonin, the pioneer Web3 marketing agency whose clients span the decentralized ecosystem. Serotonin’s taken top global projects, apps, and protocols to market, helping them effectively grow developer ecosystems and on-chain communities, expand and authentically engage social communities, and join the right media and event conversations.

Joint clients can tap Serotonin’s go-to-market expertise to get the most from Addressable's leading on-and-off-chain insights and auto-optimized campaigns. Niche Web3 apps have unique needs to target, message, and retain users. Combining our leading targeting, campaign, and insights tech and Serotonin’s robust marketing services lets brands holistically, authentically, and measurably grow.

Serotonin’s existing clients can now seamlessly access Addressable’s advanced targeting and campaign optimization tools as well as our market insights, research, and measurement tools.

Uniting around shared values: Measurable marketing for sustainable user acquisition

“Addressable is an ideal partner since we both value robust, data-driven insights for growth. Combining Addressable’s rich Web3 and Web2 data with Serotonin’s data-driven marketing services offers joint clients an unmatched ability to advertise effectively, as well as track conversions across ad networks and directly on the blockchain.”

Luke Katz, VP of Growth @ Serotonin

Addressable and Serotonin share a vision around Web3’s vast potential and focus on maximizing data insights combined for a perfect product and service mix to ensure any company in Web3 can effectively market, acquire, and retain users with advanced measurability, optimization, and execution. 

Serotonin's deep understanding of the market, exceptional ability to plan and run paid growth campaigns, and complementary retention-focused tactics ensure joint clients cover all bases +to grow sustainably while leveraging Addressable’s granularly targeted and optimized campaigns as the main growth driver.

Empowering growth through data: Optimizing campaigns with our shared data obsession

Further solidifying the partnership is both companies’ focus, by enabling more use cases based on granular data. Joint clients can use the on-chain and Web2 data for market analysis and strategic planning and can rely on Serotonin’s 360° branding approach, merging these insights within Serotonin’s overall data-rich strategic marketing mix recommendations and approach.

Joint clients receive the ideal combination of data and service tools to understand the Web3 world while effectively taking actions to drive growth.

We're delighted to collaborate in providing the most comprehensive Web3 targeting, measurement, insights, and services solution. We greatly anticipate launching this partnership, enabling brands to seamlessly enter and thrive in the Web3 space.

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