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Background & Challenge

C3, a self-custodial exchange, faced significant challenges in Web3 marketing. They struggled with attribution and figuring out how effective their ads were. The usual Web3 marketing methods often meant spending a lot without seeing much return. So, C3 needed a solution that could give them detailed insights and help them make the most of their marketing budget.

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Strategic Solution

The Addressable platform gave C3 super detailed attribution data, including lifetime value and volume metrics. This level of transparency allowed C3 to see exactly where every dollar was going, revolutionizing their budget optimization.

With the Addressable platform, C3 could launch targeted campaigns aimed at specific audiences like Avalanche traders and airdrop hunters across different Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains. The Addressable+ technology, along with customized solutions and strong support, helped C3 fine-tune their marketing strategies and get awesome results.

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Avalanche Traders | Twitter ads Campaign

CPC Reduction: From $0.71 to $0.15



Airdrop Hunters | Twitter ads Campaign

CPC Reduction: From $1.67 to $0.27



The Addressable platform helped C3 cut down their cost-per-click (CPC) in two key campaigns. Addressable gave them tailored solutions and tackled complex issues, making their marketing much more efficient. With Addressable+, C3 could automatically and intelligently expand their initial audience, break it into sub-segments, and run automated, constantly optimizing campaigns. The AI engine in Addressable+ kept tweaking the audience based on performance, ensuring their cost-per-acquisition (CPA) kept dropping.

"Our experience with Addressable has been perfect. The platform provided us with unparalleled support in our marketing efforts and significantly improved our budget optimization. I highly recommend Addressable for Web3 marketing and attribution."
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Shahar Kadayer

Head of Marketing @ C3

Future Goals and Plans

C3 is doubling down on targeting specific audiences to boost engagement with tailored messaging and offers. With our team's support, they're set for ongoing success in the DeFi ecosystem. They're all about laser-focused strategies to get better results, making sure their marketing really hits the mark. Our continued backing means C3 is ready to shine and grow in this competitive space. By focusing on precise audiences, they're geared up to make a big impact and keep climbing in the Web3 landscape.

C3 Case Study Image

Success Beyond C3: A Showcase of Results Across Industries

Addressable’s strong attribution and measurements capabilities have really turned things around for C3’s marketing. Now, their budget allocation is clearer and more efficient. The significant drop in CPC across multiple campaigns shows just how valuable our platform is for Web3 marketing success.

And C3 isn’t the only one seeing great results. Polkadot managed to slash their CPC and CPE by 20%, Lingo cut their Cost Per Click by 55%, Radix saw a 49% boost in engagement, Hype achieved over three times more conversions, and MatchBox cut their research time by 90%.

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