October 25, 2023
Effortless, campaign-wide audience refinement to maximize the impact of your Web3 growth marketing budget and strategy
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We built Addressable to arm Web3 marketers with a solution that can take raw data of actual on-chain conversions by known Web3 users and turn it into easy to use insights and audiences for marketing strategies and campaigns. Now, we’ve taken it to the next level, adding automated campaign optimization to enhance your Web3 campaigns beyond building an ideal initial audience to also effortlessly, continuously optimizing campaigns based on CPA performance.

Introducing Addressable+ automated campaign optimization

With Addressable+, you get even more from our game-changing fused Web3-and-Web2-behavioral-insights backed targeting and campaigns, with AI and automation that optimizes campaign CPA to save you both time and money. Addressable+ enables you to confidently choose and execute your optimal Web3 marketing strategy with a complete growth suite of data-driven behavioral insights and automation to perfect your targeting and campaign performance.

Addressable+ allows you to automatically and intelligently expand an initial audience you build with our fused insights, sub-segment it, and then run automated, constantly optimizing campaigns. The Addressable+ AI engine regularly adjusts the audience based on performance campaign-wide, ensuring you have constantly reduced CPA.

Reduced CPA end-to-end means the best bang for your buck on your Web3 growth marketing budget. Addressable+ frees up both your budget and time to reallocate to what you do best, building and enhancing your product!

Addressable+ enables you to achieve two key goals that will help you succeed in competitive Web3 markets:

1. Get maximum impact from your Web3 growth budget with reduced cost per action.
[.list-item-30]a. With the ideal expanded audience, intelligently built off of an initial audience of ideal users.[.list-item-30]
[.list-item-60]i. Initial audience based on real Web3 conversion data of your or similar Web3 app users.[.list-item-60]
[.list-item-30]b. By quickly optimizing ads and messaging after testing both on this highly engaged audience.[.list-item-30]
[.list-item-60]i. Low CPA on an ideal audience means fast, quality insights from A/B testing on it.[.list-item-60]

2. Save time and money by automating campaign optimization.
[.list-item-30]a. By replacing hours of manual analysis and adjustments of performance and segments.[.list-item-30]
[.list-item-60]i. We do it for you with auto sub-segmenting and campaign-wide audience optimization.[.list-item-60]
[.list-item-30]b. Get more quality conversions for less (and faster) off an optimal audience that delivers low CPA.[.list-item-30]
[.list-item-60]i. Minimal . CPA at all times with AI regularly ensuring your targeting only high-intent users.[.list-item-60]

Below, we detail how Addressable+ campaigns work and the innovations behind them.

How does Addressable+ work?

TLDR; How Addressable+ boosts ad performance faster, further & cheaper

To use Addressable+, you must be able to measure your chosen on-chain or off-chain conversion events to attribute conversions to your Addressable+ campaign. This attribution and measurement allows the AI engine to compare CPA performance by sub-segment, then make optimizations. Once your events are tagged, Addressable+ works like this:

  1. You choose an initial audience, then the AI engine intelligently expands it with more high-intent users.
  2. The AI engine divides your expanded audience into 1,000s of small sub-segments, each with common traits.
  3. Next, load ads to your preferred social or programmatic ad network(s) and the engine starts the campaign.
  4. After 24 hours, it automatically replaces worst CPA sub-segments with look-alikes of best CPA segments.
  5. During the campaign it repeats the optimization process continuously until the campaign ends.

Below, we summarize an expanded version of these steps to explain the game-changing process in more detail.


Conversion event tagging and integration - Your ability to measure CPA across many campaign sub-segments is core to the Addressable+ optimization process. Therefore, you must select your conversion events, properly tag them on your website, and integrate with the Addressable backend so we receive your real-time event data on our end.

We make this easy for you with a developer-free tagging installation and simple documentation that walks you through doing this with our recommended solutions, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

Creating and running an Addressable+ campaign

Choosing and optimizing your audience

Build an audience with fused-social and on-chain data, then our AI optimally expands it

1. Choose your initial audience

Before running an Addressable+ campaign, you must choose, then load, an initial audience of ideal users. You can:

  • Build the audience from scratch by looking up your own app’s users or similar apps’ users in our data.
  • Choose existing Addressable custom audiences that you think are similar or adjacent to your ideal users.
  • Combine elements of both options above to use as your initial audience.

This is an optimal starting point of users most likely to convert based on on-chain data. However, it must be expanded to reach enough users to meet your goals. Addressable+ taps our on-chain conversion data again to do this for you.

2. The AI engine automatically, intelligently expands it to more high-intent users

Next, the AI engine uses comparative behavioral algorithms to study your audience’s Web3 and social activity. It finds and adds user segments whose behavior is statistically most similar to your audience. This ensures your campaign audience is sufficiently large and impactful, while still containing only data-proven, high-purchase-intent users.

3. It is automatically sub-segmented to enable future granular optimization

The AI engine then uses cluster analysis to split your audience to 1,000s of sub-segments of users with common traits. This gives you many sub-segments it can later automatically measure, compare and either boost or remove.

Running an Addressable+ campaign with intelligent automatic optimization

1. Start your Addressable+ campaign.

Choose the social or programmatic networks for your campaign and load your ads there. Then the AI engine initiates your campaign and begins measuring CPA by sub-segment from day 1.

2. After 24 hours, the AI engine ranks each sub-segment’s performance by CPA so far.

3. The protocol determines how many high-CPA segments to remove, then does so.

Each optimization takes multiple actions to improve the campaign CPA going forward. First, it removes your lowest performing sub-segments. How many it removes depends on the net impact of adding new segments from step 4.

4. It identifies new lookalike segments of your top CPA segments and adds them.

It compares your highest CPA segments behaviorally against Addressable’s broader fused on and off-chain data. It replaces removed segments with top look-alike segments for your top segments that it finds in parallel with step 3. It may also allocate additional budget to top performing sub-segments to maximize what is working best.

5. It continues automatic optimization ongoingly until the campaign ends.

Finally, it repeats this regularly until the campaign ends. As a direct result, your CPA improves constantly over time. 

A single platform to run, analyze and report on Addressable+ campaigns

Suppose you already do paid social or programmatic advertising. In that case, you already know the pain and limits of building, maintaining and analyzing campaigns and performance with native ad managers from platforms like Twitter.

You run and manage Addressable+ campaigns on top of social media and programmatic networks from our platform end to end, with a simpler interface and wide control from loading audiences, starting and stopping campaigns, to analyzing and attributing performance. You can track performance in real-time both individually or vs  other tactics.

Your Addressable+ campaigns appear among your other campaigns in your Campaigns Performance Dashboard to easily compare the superior CPA you get using Addressable+ against campaigns using different tools in one chart. 

Addressable+ campaign dashboard

You can also select just your Addressable+ campaign to view specific details about your optimization over time, including which specific sub-segments the AI engine added or removed for every optimization.

Ready to see Addressable+ automatic optimization and fused on-&-off-chain insights in action?

Get in touch to tell us about the ideal Web3 audience you want to reach and the conversion type you want to optimize, then see for yourself how easily you can target actual Web3 users across the most popular Web2 ad networks with constantly improving CPA.

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