February 8, 2024
Addressable partners with Adform to blend precision targeting with extensive reach in Web3 banner advertising
Lee Brisco
Senior Programmatic Lead
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Scaling Web3 Banner Ads

In the highly competitive and challenging landscape of Web3, initiating user acquisition is difficult. Encountering an ad from a Web3 service provider you don’t recognize is unlikely to earn your engagement, especially in a domain full of competitors, some of which may have already earned your trust. As Web3 matures and blocks out more unwanted noise, earning trust still requires a little more effort in the space. This gives a significant edge to brands that have had a consistent voice in the market to build relationships and earn trust over time.

As a result, the most effective Web3 campaigns are those in which brands make a significant initial investment in raising awareness, alongside user acquisition. Banner ads, which are displayed across both web and mobile platforms, stand out as particularly effective for building brand awareness. They’re the ideal solution for global reach for example in Southeast Asia, where major social platforms such as Instagram and Reddit are less popular. They’re also preferable in cases where specific Web3 content does not comply with the paid policies of social platforms, using banner ads is more suitable.

However, despite the significant advantages banner ads offer Web3 brands in boosting awareness and engagement, they’re confronted with a crucial decision: choosing between broad reach and targeted precision.

Balancing Precision and Reach: The Challenge of Web3 Banner Ads

Let's dive in, but first, a bit about me: I've led the way in performance marketing for over 9 years at industry giants like Havas and IronSource, promoting household names such as PayPal, Barclays, and Ford. Then, I ventured into the Web3 space, helping elevate brands like Binance, AscendEX, and Hashflow. This diverse experience has honed my insights into the nuances of banner ads and performance marketing, particularly within Web3.

From what I've observed, Web3 brands frequently aim for precise targeting. However, due to a combination of niche audience and budget constraints, they fall into the trap of micromanaging their targeting just because the buying platforms allow so. They often opt for direct buys on quality publisher sites like Etherscan or CoinTelegraph to ensure engagement, yet they struggle to achieve broad reach. It's challenging to secure these coveted spots due to stiff competition and limited availability. 

While expanding reach through networks like Coinzilla provides some improvement, it still doesn't compare to the expansive reach of mainstream advertising. The underlying issue is the scarcity of quality Web3 publishers, coupled with the fact that your target audience's online habits extend far beyond Web3-only sites.

This raises a critical question: Can we find a scalable way to reach Web3 audiences with banner ads while still maintaining precise targeting?

Addressable and Adform: Uniting Reach and Precision in Web3 Advertising

We’re excited to announce a strategic partnership between Addressable and Adform, with the goal of elevating Web3 advertising by merging broad reach with precise targeting. Adform is a global technology company with innovation ingrained in their DNA. Their story starts in 2002 in Copenhagen, when their visionary trio of founders pioneered one of the earliest ad servers. Since then, they've grown into the most powerful media buying platform in the world, with more than 650 employees.

Both organizations share fundamental values centered on scalability, top-notch performance, and transparency, and they are actively working together on integration through their teams based in the UK.

Scalability: By leveraging Adform DSP's direct access to more than 400,000 websites and mobile apps, combined with Addressable's targeted on-chain data, enabling advertisers to reach their Web3 audience on a larger scale.

Precision targeting: Addressable's targeting mechanism for banner ads leverages a sophisticated blend of data management platforms (DMPs), third-party data providers, and contextual advertising tools from Adform and operated by Addressable to deliver highly precise ad placements. This combination allows brands to create nuanced audience segments, which enable Addressable to target banner ads with exceptional precision, matching ads with the most appropriate and engaged audiences across the web. 

Transparency: Moving beyond the "black box" approach of traditional banner advertising, our collaboration promotes a transparent advertising process which aligns with industry best practice. Our campaigns incorporate multiple layers of pre-bid fraud and brand safety protection from industry leaders such as Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify - ensuring only genuine impressions are displayed in areas which are complementary to your brand. Brands gain access to underlying data through a self-serve platform, allowing them to see exactly how their campaigns are performing and make informed decisions.

Easy to use: The integration offers an intuitive, user-friendly platform in which marketers can easily select their target audience and launch campaigns without needing deep technical knowledge or prior experience with DSPs. This ease of use ensures that even those new to digital advertising can effectively reach their desired audience, making it an ideal solution for marketers aiming to navigate the world of Web3 advertising with confidence and efficiency.

By combining Addressable's expertise in creating granular, targeted audiences from Web3 data with Adform's comprehensive ad tech solutions and extensive reach, we offer a unique solution that addresses the main challenges of Web3 advertising. This partnership not only makes it easier for Web3 brands to achieve their goals but also ensures they can do so with confidence in the quality and effectiveness of their campaigns.

To launch a targeted and scalable Web3 banner ad campaign, subscribed users can visit app.addressable.io > Campaigns > Display Ads. If you’re unsubscribed, and wish to learn more, book a demo using this link.

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