June 10, 2024
Explore the latest features designed to streamline your marketing workflows and deepen campaign insights.
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June Product Update - Addressable: New Web3 Campaign Tools

As we continue to enhance the functionality and user experience at Addressable, this month, we're excited to roll out new features that are set to streamline your marketing workflows and deepen your Web3 campaign insights.
Here’s the scoop on what’s new and how it’s going to make your life easier:


  1. Customizable user preferences: Tailor your dashboard to fit your unique workflow needs, arranging and displaying only the data that matters most to your campaigns.
  2. Download CSVs: Easily snag your data and quickly extract data for deep offline analysis, fine-tuning campaigns, and nailing performance reviews.
  3. Direct Twitter profile access: Jump straight to Twitter profiles with a single click. Save time on social media research, whether vetting influencers or checking out the competition.
  4. New Use Cases Section: Explore our new section on the website showcasing the growth capabilities our platform offers for every Web3 marketer.

Personalized User Preferences

Customizable columns in Addressable's Audiences and Campaigns screens

We've rolled out fully customizable columns on both the Audiences and Campaigns screens, stepping up our game in personalized user experience. Now, you control what you see and how you see it, tailoring the dashboard to fit your unique workflow needs.

This enhancement means a smoother, more personalized interaction with our platform. You can arrange and display only the data that matters most to your campaigns, ensuring every decision is based on insights that are configured just for you. 

Ready to make your dashboard truly your own?

Seamless CSV Downloads at Your Fingertips

Download CSVs easily from Addressable's campaign charts

Just landed: A slick new way to snag your data directly from the dashboard! Look for the "three-dots" sub-menu on any chart where this feature applies and start downloading CSVs with ease. Now, you can dive into your data offline and streamline your report processes like never before.

For marketers, this means quicker data extraction and enhanced capability for deep offline analysis—key for fine-tuning your campaigns and nailing those performance reviews. It’s all about making your data work harder and smarter, just like you.

Twitter Profile Click-Out

We've added a slick new feature—direct Twitter profile click-outs. This simple yet important feature lets you jump straight to Twitter profiles right from our platform. It's all about making your social media research quicker and less of a drag.

For marketers, this means less time navigating and more time engaging. Whether you're vetting potential influencers or checking out the competition, you're now just one click away from the insights you need.

Introducing Our New Use Cases Section

Addressable's new Use Cases section showcasing Web3 growth capabilities

Our new “Use Cases” section on the website is here to showcase the great growth capabilities our platform offers for every Web3 marketer. This section explains and demonstrates what you can do with the Addressable platform, offering practical examples to inspire your next campaign. It’s easier to navigate, with sections tailored to your needs. Explore the updated section to discover the potential of our platform and get inspired for your next campaign.

The features added in this update not only improve your existing campaigns but also transform your overall approach to Web3 marketing with Addressable. With smarter data handling and sharper audience targeting, each feature is designed to refine your strategy and boost your campaign results. And we don’t stop here! We’re eager to hear how these updates are helping you level up.

Drop us your feedback—every bit helps us fine-tune our tools to better suit your needs. Stay connected, stay updated, and let’s keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in Web3 marketing together!

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