April 22, 2024
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Addressable’s April Updates: Elevating Campaign Insights with Our New Performance Dashboard

Q1 2024 ended on a high note for us at Addressable. We launched the Campaign Performance Dashboard, a big leap in how campaigns are managed and analyzed, making March and April standout months.


  1. Launched the Campaign Performance Dashboard for a unified view of campaign metrics across display and Twitter (X), enabling easy performance tracking and optimization.
  2. Introduced navigational updates, streamlining campaign management and insights access.
  3. Partnered with AppsFlyer to Supercharge Mobile Marketing with On-Chain Data
  4. Celebrated our first-ever Sales Kickoff Week, uniting our global team in Tel Aviv for strategic planning and bonding.

Campaign Performance Dashboard: Your Campaigns, Clarified

A fresh, all-encompassing dashboard that offers a detailed overview of your Addressable campaigns. This dashboard is designed to simplify your campaign analysis process, providing a clear, aggregated view of all crucial performance metrics across display and Twitter campaigns.

Here's the deal: gone are the days of juggling multiple reports or navigating through various platforms to gauge your campaign's success. Our dashboard centralizes insightful, actionable data in one place, allowing you to easily understand and act on what truly matters for your campaign's performance. Plus, with full attribution for programmatic campaigns, you're now empowered to peek inside the "DSP Box" and discern precisely which segments and strategies are driving conversions.

Putting It Into Play:

  • KPI Strip for Objective Tracking: Use the KPI strip to monitor performance, tailored to any campaign objective. Perfect for a birds-eye view of your campaign's health.
  • Weekly Segment Comparisons: Dive into week-over-week comparisons to see shifts in your segments. Discover which creatives boost your click-through rate (CTR) and which might be losing traction in terms of impressions.
  • CPC Reduction with Addressable+: Observe the impact of Addressable+ on your cost per click (CPC), systematically lowering it over time for more cost-effective campaigns.
  • New Followers and Engagement Tracking: Keep a close eye on the growth of your audience, monitoring new followers gained and analyzing engagement rates from your ads.

Navigational Updates: "Who Moved My Cheese?"

Ever felt like you're in a maze trying to find your campaign settings and logs? Well, we've got some good news! With our latest dashboard upgrade, we're making things a lot simpler. We’ve moved your campaign configurations and logs right where you need them - under the 'more actions' column in the campaign management area, and also up top in the new dashboard's menu. It’s all about getting you to what you need, faster and without the hassle.

Optimizing Mobile Web3 Campaigns

AppsFlyer Partnership to elevate Web3 mobile Marketing

Addressable is excited to announce a new partnership with AppsFlyer, the industry-leading mobile marketing analytics platform known for its work with major brands like TikTok, Walmart, HBO, Etsy, and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

This partnership is poised to revolutionize mobile Web3 marketing by integrating Addressable’s on-chain data analytics with AppsFlyer’s comprehensive mobile campaign metrics.

Learn more in our blog.

Addressable's First Global Sales Kickoff: Uniting Teams from Around the World

The ultimate Addressable startup cliché - a squad leap in our branded black tees

March was a standout month at Addressable, marked by our first Sales Kickoff Week in Tel Aviv. It was more than a strategic meet; it was a global gathering of the Addressable family, celebrating our rapid growth and laying the groundwork for an even more exciting 2024. The week was a blend of strategic planning and heartfelt connections, showcasing the strength of our collective vision. It's these moments that reinforce our mission to revolutionize Web3 marketing, together.

We’re pretty confident these April updates are set to smooth out your campaign management and push us further towards smarter, data-driven Web3 marketing. Keep an eye out for more cool updates coming your way. Your feedback isn't just welcome—it's vital! Get in touch with us and let us know how these changes are fitting into your Web3 marketing playbook.

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