April 18, 2024
Addressable & AppsFlyer partner to Supercharge Mobile Marketing with On-Chain Data
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Optimizing Mobile Web3 Campaigns

As Web3 marketing evolves, we've seen a surge in campaign volumes and media budgets, traditionally dominated by web-based strategies. The shift toward mobile is driven by innovations like account abstraction, which simplifies Web3 dApp development to overcome marketplace complexities and improve user experience. This transition underscores the growing necessity for mobile analytics that not only tracks but optimizes dApp downloads and in-dApp conversions using on-chain data, setting the stage for advanced integration between mobile platforms and blockchain technologies. Stepping up to this challenge, we’ve teamed up with a powerhouse.

Mobile app Web3 marketing funnels involve unique tracking steps and capabilities compared to web funnels.

Uniting to Transform Web3 Mobile Marketing

To address this need, Addressable is excited to announce a new partnership with AppsFlyer, the industry-leading mobile marketing analytics platform known for its work with major brands like TikTok, Walmart, HBO, Etsy, and JPMorgan Chase & Co. This partnership is poised to revolutionize mobile Web3 marketing by integrating Addressable’s on-chain data analytics with AppsFlyer’s comprehensive mobile campaign metrics.

Present marketing tools are limited to measuring and optimizing mobile installations and conversions, overlooking on-chain data. Accordingly, Web3 mobile developers are “forced” to optimize for app installs, when they now possess the option to optimize for bottom of the funnel conversions, available only on the blockchain. In an industry first, Addressable now enables campaign optimization based on On-Chain Lifetime Value (LTV) - meaning, the actual spend and history of a web3 user based on on-chain data. As an example, this means that marketers can optimize their marketing campaign effectiveness to maximize on-chain conversions as opposed to “cost per install”. In turn, this allows marketers to directly appeal and serve ads to high net-worth individuals (‘whales’) who are the lifeblood of successful web3 applications using reliable on-chain wallet owner data as the basis for audience optimization.

Maximizing Mobile Campaign Efficiency: Streamlined Setup and Enhanced Performance

This integration allows Web3 mobile developers to move beyond mere installation metrics. For the first time, campaigns can be fine-tuned to target high-value actions recorded on the blockchain, such as wallet transactions and game interactions, translating into more precise marketing spend and improved ROI. 

Alex Yip, AppsFlyer’s Director of Product Discovery, said:

“This is an integration that made sense from the first conversations between our teams. We’ve witnessed a surge in mobile adoption across the Web3 industry that encompasses new data needs and capabilities. With Addressable now integrated into the AppsFlyer marketplace, web3 marketers can now benefit from quality mobile analytics provided by AppsFlyer, in addition to on-chain conversion data provided by Addressable, which is automatically used to optimize their ad campaigns. This integration will be a perfect example of the joining of off-chain and on-chain data, enabling a web2 game with web3 optionality to seamlessly incorporate web3 components into their data sets.”

What’s New: Mobile marketers can now optimize for on-chain conversions instead of basic installs, targeting ‘whales’ and other high-value users directly through sophisticated wallet data analysis.

Quick Setup Steps 

  1. Sign Up: First things first, get yourself set up with both Addressable and AppsFlyer.
  2. Access the Partner Marketplace: On the left sidebar of your AppsFlyer dashboard, click on "Collaborate", then select "Partner Marketplace" from the dropdown menu.
  3. Find Addressable: Use the search bar to find "Addressable" and click on “Manage Integration” .
  4. Activate the Partnership: Click on "Activate Partner", and you're all set to sync Addressable insights with your mobile campaign data seamlessly.

Get ready to level up your Web3 marketing mobile campaigns with these simple steps and make every ad count!

Looking Ahead:

As we integrate these capabilities, Addressable and AppsFlyer are excited to lead the charge in bridging the gap between traditional mobile marketing and the burgeoning field of Web3. This fusion of on-chain and mobile behavior data sets a new bar for how precisely and efficiently Web3 companies can attribute and grow conversions for their campaigns.

Start enhancing your mobile campaigns now with this seamless integration! Please complete the form below if you'd like a demo.

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