January 23, 2024
Addressable and Singular partner to drive Web3 mobile apps growth using on- and off-chain insights.
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Elevating Web3 Mobile App Campaigns

The past year marked a significant period of growth for Web3 marketing, as evidenced by a rapid increase in campaign volume and expanded media budgets industry-wide. Looking back, this growth came almost exclusively through web-based marketing.

To be specific, the usual conversion funnel in Web3 marketing started with a user clicking on an ad link, which led them to a web-based landing page. On the page, users would connect their wallet and complete a conversion, with the transaction then recorded on the blockchain. A step-by-step tracking of the funnel provided all necessary performance insights since mobile platforms, with their unique tracking needs, were scarcely involved.

Mobile app Web3 marketing funnels involve unique tracking steps and capabilities compared to web funnels.

The limited presence of Web3 on mobile platforms has several causes. First, there were technical issues due to underdeveloped infrastructure for Web3 apps. Second, the rules of app marketplaces were, and remain complex. Lastly, the general public had limited understanding of blockchain technology and found Web3’s more cumbersome user experience unappealing.

However, the landscape is beginning to shift. Recent technological advancements, like account abstraction, simplify developing user-friendly Web3 apps and help navigate the complexities of app marketplaces, thereby encouraging more Web3 apps to be built for mobile platforms.

These changes underscore the increasing need for a solution that can effectively track and optimize mobile app downloads and in-app conversion rates using on-chain data, similar to how it works for web-based funnels.

Uniting to transform Web3 mobile marketing

We are excited to announce our partnership with Singular, a leader in mobile analytics and attribution. This collaboration with Singular, known for their work with industry giants like WB Games, EA, and Rovio, and popular among Web3 brands such as Mythical, Dapper Labs, and Viker, aims to bring a new dimension to mobile app growth campaigns in the Web3 industry.

The integration sends mobile conversion data into Addressable's platform, using Singular's extensive insights to enhance campaign effectiveness. This collaboration will also significantly enrich Singular's data, incorporating valuable on-chain conversion data from Addressable. 

This partnership between Addressable and Singular is set to transform Web3 mobile marketing. By merging cost data with attribution analytics, we're providing clients clear insights into their ROI and enable immediate actions to improve their campaigns. 

With both teams having strong engineering presences in Tel-Aviv, we are jointly committed to ensuring the success of this innovative integration; one marking a crucial advancement in blending Web2 and Web3 data, reflecting our shared dedication to digital marketing innovation.

Sample Addressable Campaign Dashboard incorporating Singular mobile app conversion data.

Dan Novaes, Founder of EARN’M Ecosystem  and CEO of Mode Mobile, a mutual client of both companies, expresses his excitement about the partnership: 

I’ve experienced how Singular’s platform is pivotal in intelligently attributing tens of millions of installs of our products, continually refining our business analytics. This, when integrated with Addressable’s advanced Web3 targeting and user acquisition tools, positions it as an unparalleled marketing stack for any Web3 marketer”.

Initiating your Web3 mobile campaign enhancement

To begin enhancing your Web3 mobile app campaigns with our integration, the first step is to sign up for both Addressable and Singular.

Easily configure your Addressable integration in Singular’s Attribution Partner Configuration section.

In Singular’s web application, navigate to the “Attribution” section and proceed to “Partner Configuration.' There, you can search for "Addressable" in the 'Search Partners' field and select it from the dropdown options. In the configuration window that opens, choose the apps you want to work with and ensure to enable both conversion postbacks and event postbacks for full functionality. This process sets the stage for improved mobile campaign management.

We’re greatly excited to launch this partnership and offer a complete Web2 to Web3 attribution and insight solution to boost mobile app downloads. This fusion of on-chain and mobile behavior data sets a new bar for how precisely and efficiently Web3 companies can attribute and grow conversions for their campaigns.

Start enhancing your mobile campaigns now with this seamless integration! Please complete the form below if you'd like a demo.

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