February 15, 2024
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Addressable’s February updates: Introducing Addressable Pixel for precise, seamless funnel tracking, self-serve programmatic campaigns & more

It’s been a great start to 2024 so far, delivering new platform and self-serve campaign capabilities: from a new Addressable Pixel that supercharges campaign measurement to independently managed programmatic campaigns without Addressable Support.


  1. Addressable Pixel: Track all Web2 to Web3 marketing funnel events during campaigns.
  2. Easily launch and manage banner campaigns: Self-serve Programmatic Campaigns.
  3. Web3 mobile app advertisers using Singular can now share mobile data with Addressable and enrich it with blockchain conversions to optimize campaigns.

Addressable Pixel: Connect marketing funnels across Web2 & Web3 events for complete campaign visibility

Get a full view of your marketing funnel any time and for any event type to gauge the impact of your marketing activities through actionable marketing or product optimization insights. The Addressable Pixel tracks Web2 events - page views, signups, etc, and links them to on-chain events - wallet connects, trades, purchases, etc in your Addressable platform.

Whether you’re mid, or between campaigns, get deep end-to-end insights at a moment’s reach.

1. No-code pixel via Google Tag Manager - GTM community template called Addressable Tag. 

  • Easily install our tag and configure events to send to dev-free.

2. Client-side script - Place our pixel on your website (and other web assets) with a code snippet and configure events to send to Addressable account.

Self-serve Programmatic Display Campaigns: Easily launch and manage campaigns in a few clicks

You can now launch and track programmatic display campaigns independently on Addressable. Configure, then add creative, and monitor campaigns all in one UI. The new self-serve banner campaigns also feature new multi-line performance graphs to compare multiple metrics at once. These graphs are also now available in campaign summaries for all Addressable campaign types.

Elevating Web3 Mobile App Campaigns: Partnering with Singular to drive Web3 Mobile App growth

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Singular, a mobile analytics and attribution leader, to bring a new dimension to Web3 mobile app growth.

The integration sends mobile conversion data to Addressable's platform, using Singular's extensive insights to enhance campaign effectiveness. This integration transforms Web3 mobile marketing, merging cost and attribution data for clear insights into ROI that enable immediate actions to improve campaigns.

Learn more in our blog.

Have ideas for features or enhancements? Want to share feedback about your platform experience so far? Get in touch - we’d love to hear from you!

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