July 1, 2024
Ali Adnane
Senior Marketing Manager
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With Q3 2024 underway, Web3 marketing is changing fast. Decentralized tech is reshaping everything, so staying on top means adapting and innovating. Insights from the Addressable team, veterans in both Web2 and Web3 marketing, show that effective crypto marketing can grow your user base, token’s trading volume and market cap while addressing investor hesitation. Our platform helps companies target wallet owners and has supported major players like Circle, Travala, and Polkadot in growing their user bases and optimizing campaigns. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, these top 10 Web3 marketing strategies will help you grow your project and stay ahead of the game.

1. Embrace Web3 Native Social Media Platforms

Social media is the most powerful tool to connect with your community and audience. Be on Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, Reddit, Discord, and new decentralized social media like Farcaster (which is where native crypto people and degens are starting to hang out). Be loud, share and participate. Use visuals, ask questions and show off your project’s personality. Social media is a two-way street—listen and respond to their feedback. 

Here are some Web3 companies with active Twitter presence to get inspiration from, like Binance, the leading centralized crypto exchange; DogeWifCoin, a newly launched meme coin with a strong degen community and engagement approach and last but not least Solana, a leading layer 1 that blends institutional and casual style of social media approach.

2. Target Wallet Owners with Paid Ads

Leveraging paid marketing is an effective approach for crypto projects, enabling you to swiftly connect with the right audience. Despite Google Ads and Meta placing restrictions on crypto promotions, there's good news: multiple paid crypto ad platforms are tailored for the Web3 audience, such as Bitmedia, Dot, Coinserom, and Cointraffic. Addressable's platform stands out by enabling precise targeting of wallet owners rather than a general spray-and-pray approach. Our coverage spans 98.8% of all mobile apps worldwide, thanks to collaborations with Singular, Appsflyer, and others. Additionally, we provide support for Twitter Ads and Display Ads targeting.
The Addressable platform gives you the chance to keep everything under control—managing all your campaigns, both programmatic ads and social media ads, in one place. This eases the experience and avoids the fragmented process of jumping from one place to another to keep track of all your campaigns.
Our platform has helped industry leaders like Polkadot that managed to slash their CPC and CPE by 20%, C3 lowered its CPC by 80%, Radix saw a 49% boost in engagement, Hype achieved over three times more conversions, and MatchBox cut their research time by 90%.

3. Partner with Crypto-Native Influencers

Influencer marketing is huge in Web3. Find influencers who match your project's values and genuinely care about what you're doing. Their endorsement boosts your visibility and credibility. Instead of chasing big names, go for micro-influencers with a focused, engaged audience, they're often more effective. When reaching out, do your homework, personalize your pitch, offer fair compensation, and set clear expectations. Track your campaign results to see what's working. Building long-term relationships with influencers can be a game-changer for your crypto marketing strategy.

 4. Create Web3-Focused Content

You need to create content that matters to your people. Blog posts, videos, podcasts, infographics – mix it all up and share your knowledge. Focus on providing real value, not just promoting your project. Who’s your audience? Define your target audience, optimize for search engines, and promote across social media and email. Always include clear CTAs (calls-to-action) and track performance to refine your strategy. 

5. Build Community Bonds Through Active Engagement and Communication 

In Web3, your community is your strength. They are your number one fans and the best source of feedback. Engage with your followers on social media, set up a Telegram or Discord channel and do regular Q&A sessions or AMAs (Ask Me Anything). Show appreciation and celebrate Milestones. Post often, share updates regularly and answer comments and messages. Be transparent on how you’re using their feedback to change the project. A community that’s dedicated and involved is everything for your crypto project.

6. Optimize for Web3 SEO & Use Email marketing 

When optimising your website use keywords like “cryptocurrency” and “blockchain” if you have a high domain authority. If you’re just starting out use long tail keywords. Produce quality content around these terms and get backlinks from reputable crypto sites.

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to nurture leads and drive conversions without spending a fortune. Start by building an email list through airdrop campaigns, opt-in forms and gated content. Make your emails personal and segment them based on user behavior. Use automated drip campaigns to keep engagement high. Always include clear CTAs and avoid spam filters. Keep your subscribers informed with regular newsletters and exclusive promotions.

"At Addressable, we've seen great success with our email marketing campaigns, bringing real value to the Web3 audience. Our monthly newsletter reaches over 6,500 people who are genuinely interested in Web3 trends and our tech platform.”
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Gal Yalon
Head of Marketing @ Addressable

7. Launch Strategic Airdrops

Airdrops and quests/missions are powerful crypto marketing strategies that can drive engagement and growth. Airdrops, which involve distributing free tokens to wallet addresses, can generate buzz, attract new users, and increase token holders. Some of the best airdrops in crypto history include Uniswap, Apecoin, DyDX, and Arbitrum. There are various types of airdrops, including standard, holder, referral, bounty, exclusive, and fork airdrops.

8. Acquire and Engage Users with Quests and Missions

Quests or missions reward your community for completing tasks like sharing on social media, creating content, or providing feedback. The best crypto quests/missions platforms you can use include Zealy, Galxe, Layer3, and QuestN. To run successful campaigns, set clear eligibility criteria, define goals and rewards, and ensure a streamlined process for tracking and distributing rewards. Both strategies can significantly boost visibility and adoption.

9. Form Strategic Web3 Partnerships and attend events

Teaming up with other projects, brands, and organizations in the Web3 space can introduce you to new audiences, boost your credibility, and create fantastic co-marketing opportunities. These collaborations can really help you expand your reach and get your project noticed in the community. For instance, at Addressable, we’ve teamed up with Appsflyer and Singular, allowing us to cover 98.7% of all mobile apps globally. This partnership has also led to some awesome joint PR efforts and co-marketing, boosting our mutual announcements and benefiting everyone involved.

Going to industry events, webinars, and conferences is another great strategy. That’s where you network with investors, partners, and key people. Participating in these events helps you generate buzz, build relationships, and gain media coverage. Plus, you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities. Hosting your own events, like virtual meetups, side events, or hackathons, can give you even more visibility and establish your brand as a thought leader in the Web3 world.

10.  Leverage On-Chain Analytics

Use data to inform your marketing. Watch your social media ad manager metrics and Google Analytics. Track your performance, see how your audience is behaving and adjust accordingly. Data driven decisions will make your marketing more efficient and effective.

Addressable’s platform can be a game changer here. With our tech marketers get advanced attribution data so they can see where their marketing dollars are going. This level of insight allows for more precise targeting and optimization of campaigns. Whether it’s looking at wallet owners behavior or tracking performance of different campaign segments, Addressable has the tools to help you refine your strategy and get better results. By using these advanced tools you can make sure your Web3 marketing campaigns are as efficient and effective as possible.


Web3 marketing in 2024 requires creativity, strategy, and adaptability. Use these top 10 strategies to gain visibility, engage with your audience, and grow your project. Stay up to date with industry trends, refine your approach, and watch your Web3 project succeed.

For more insights and updates on Web3 marketing strategies, stay connected with us and follow our blog for the latest trends and tips. To see how Addressable can supercharge your Web3 marketing, book a demo today for an in-depth overview. Our experts will show you how our platform can transform your strategy and drive real results. Get in touch!

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